Know Before You Go Updates: Requirements for Cruise Passengers Visiting Canada

Disney Cruise Line updated the Know Before You Go – Canada page on April 15th (archived) with updated health and safety protocols, including additional embarkation and debarkation requirements for passengers visiting Canada. Similar to other required protocols, the Canadian government’s requirements for cruise passengers visiting Canada are independent of Disney Cruise Line’s health and safety protocols.

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The update was significant from the initial list of requirements from late-March. Instead of pointing out the differences it is better to focus on the latest revision. Below is the revised requirements for cruise passengers visiting Canada as of April 15, 2022.

The Canadian government’s requirements for cruise passengers visiting Canada are independent of Disney Cruise Line’s health and safety protocols. In addition to Canada’s requirements, all Disney Cruise Line Guests must adhere to health and safety protocols outlined on our Know Before You Go page. These requirements include COVID-19 vaccination and embarkation testing, as well as all other required documentation uploaded to the Safe Passage website. 

Guests should review and stay up to date with any requirements or restrictions that may be in place for travel to Canada. Visit the Government of Canada’s website for information. 

The following are additional requirements for cruise passengers entering Canada. 

Before sailing or entry into Canada, Guests must create a profile and upload required documentation to ArriveCAN, Canada’s entry requirements program. ArriveCAN is available via the web or as an app for iOS and Android. The mobile app is complimentary and is available in English, French and Spanish (displayed in the language of your device). Travelers can also submit their information by signing in online at To be ready for your trip, create your free ArriveCAN account prior to travel. 

Upload Documentation in Advance of Travel
Canada requires proof of full COVID-19 vaccination for travelers 12 years of age and older. Proof of vaccination and travel and citizenship documents can be saved in your ArriveCAN traveler profile before any planned travel. We recommend that you download the ArriveCAN app and create a profile prior to sailing. If you’re traveling with others, you can include multiple travelers in your ArriveCAN submission. Although you can upload digital versions of your documentation prior to sailing, we recommend that you also have physical copies of these documents accessible while traveling. 

The Canadian government’s requirements for cruise passengers visiting Canada are independent of Disney Cruise Line’s health and safety protocols. Currently, Disney Cruise Line continues to require all vaccine-eligible Guests (based on US eligibility requirements) to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, as defined by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at the time of sailing. This is a requirement for all Guests (US and international) ages 5 and older. The CDC also requires all unvaccinated Guests on 5-night and longer sailings to take a COVID-19 antigen test (paid for by Disney Cruise Line) on the ship the day before debarking. 

Within 72 Hours of Arrival
To enter Canada you will need to complete an ArriveCAN entry within 72 hours prior to arrival by air or land border. You will receive a QR code receipt to present when entering the country. After arriving, you will be required to complete an additional, separate ArriveCAN submission to receive a cruise-specific QR code receipt to be presented during embarkation. For voyages originating in a US homeport and ending in Vancouver, Canada, you will need to complete your ArriveCAN submission within 72 hours prior to embarkation. 

Creating a profile in ArriveCAN allows personal data such as your name, date of birth, travel documents and vaccination certificate to be retained, thereby reducing the time required for subsequent submissions. Information required by ArriveCAN includes: 

  • Contact information and travel details
  • A quarantine plan should you test positive while in the country. Disney Cruise Line will assist in making any potential quarantine arrangements needed. The following information should be submitted to ArriveCAN for your quarantine plan: 
    1. To get into the country, use the address of Canada Place Cruise Terminal, 999 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1, Canada
    2. To board the ship, use the name of the ship (the Disney Wonder), your stateroom number, and the city, province and postal code of the Canada Place Cruise Terminal: Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 3E1
  • All travelers 5 years of age or older who do not qualify as fully vaccinated must provide proof of a COVID-19 test result with one of the following: 
    1. A professionally administered or observed negative antigen test taken outside of Canada no more than one day before your scheduled flight or entry to Canada by land or water
    2. A valid negative molecular test taken outside of Canada within 72 hours of your scheduled flight’s departure time to Canada or your entry to Canada by land or water
    3. Guests who have recovered from COVID-19 recently may submit a previous positive molecular test result taken at least 10 calendar days and no more than 180 calendar days before entering Canada. Counting starts the day after your test. Guests must not be experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms

Visit Know Before You Go to learn about Disney Cruise Line’s health and safety protocols.

Disney Cruise Line announced at the beginning of April, they will be taking a phased approach with the relaxation and modifications of various health and safety protocols which were required upon the industry restart.

We will continue to monitor for additional changes, but please take the time to read and familiarize the information on Disney Cruise Line emails and Know Before You Go pages, specific to your upcoming sailing as this remains a dynamic situation.

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    I take it these are different rules than what DCL emailed about cruises that just stop in Canada?

    Because these seem very Wonder/Vancouver specific.


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