Disney Wish Completes Second Round of Sea Trials – April 15 – 20, 2022

Last week, the Disney Wish set off on her second sea trial from Eemshaven where she was docked for a few days following the completion of the her first sea trials.

The Disney Wish second open water test departed Eemshaven on Friday April 15th with a reported destination as DISNEY LAND and updated to DISNEYLAND SEATRIAL. Little did we know at the onset, the team on the bridge would be having a bit of fun with the destination naming and this was just the beginning.

Over the weekend, the destination was changed to HAPPY EASTER which resulted in a little bit of themed navigation on Easter Sunday.

Later in the voyage, the Disney Wish underwent a SPEEDTEST. During this period of the sea trials, the Disney Wish reported a maximum speed of 23.5 knots on April 18th via AIS data which was logged by MarineTraffic.com.

Disney Wish MarineTraffic Sea Trials Speedtest 23 5knots 20220417

Below is a visual compiled from tracking the Disney Wish via MarineTraffic.

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  1. E D Leser

    Anyone else notice the speed test was near Arendal Norway. 😀 Wonder if they picked up Anna, Elsa, Cristoph, and Sven.


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