Concierge Pre-Booking Window Expanded to 130 Days Before Sailing

Disney Cruise Line announced, Concierge Guests on cruises embarking July 14, 2022 and beyond will have an expanded window to select activities prior to other Guests.

Concierge Guests can now book Port Adventures and select Cruise Activities at 130 days prior to their sailing by contacting their Concierge Specialist.

Concierge guests should receive a reminder at 135 days prior to their sailing.

If the Concierge Guests prefer to book their activities online, they will need to wait until the Platinum activity booking window opens at 120 days prior to sailing.

Concierge Guests on sailings prior to the July 14, 2022 date will continue to be notified of their booking window 125 days prior to sailing.

UPDATE – Expanded Fleet-wide – March 3, 2022

The original title and article referenced this was specific to Disney Dream and Disney Wish sailings. On March 3rd, Disney Cruise Line revised change to include all ships.

4 Replies to “Concierge Pre-Booking Window Expanded to 130 Days Before Sailing”

  1. Monica Wilouza

    We have a booked cruise on the Disney Wish for July 22-24 and we’re currently in the 135 day window for contact, but have not received any email or phone contact from DCL. We’ve been waiting on hold for the last 2 1/2 hours to speak with someone on the DCL phone line to take advantage of the 135 day window, but have yet to speak with someone.

    Anyone else with this same issue?

  2. Mike Lever

    Hi, just wondering if this has this been confirmed? And if so, will you be adding the dates to the Booking Window Calculator?

  3. CR1776

    They really needed to make Pearl equivalent for booking. Otherwise, Pearl doesn’t get you all that much.

  4. SeeYaRealSoon

    Yes, Pearl deserves to get first crack at excursions, Palo/Remy/Echante, spa, cabanas on CC ect. I’m almost to 50 cruises (about to take my 47th) and do not think it is fair that someone taking their first or second cruise but are in concierge can book stuff before me. I guarantee you I’ve given DCL way more $$$ and time and extreme loyalty as a patron of the cruise line.


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