Disney Wish Placeholder Itinerary Added to Track Ship up to the Maiden Voyage

Today, the website was updated to include daily tracking for the Disney Wish via a placeholder new build itinerary and sail date page that backdates to the float out on February 11th.

DCL Blog Disney Wish Tracking Added

As more details become public, the placeholder itinerary and sail dates will be updated and in some cases broken out into separate itineraries and sail dates to better represent the overall delivery timeline. Please note, I’ve penciled in the daily schedule through the end of March, but this is simply done as an estimate. As was the case during the shutdown, the daily location will be verified and updated on a regular basis.

At this time, the automatic identification system (AIS) has not become active therefore it will not show up on the tracking map on the Current Ship Locations page.

8 Replies to “Disney Wish Placeholder Itinerary Added to Track Ship up to the Maiden Voyage”

  1. Ana+Gaillat

    talking about placeholders, any idea about the “ghost” in the Wonder’s itinerary from November till March? We are only 9 months out and still nothing showing. TIA!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Nothing concrete at this time. Sounds like whatever it is, the announcement keeps getting delayed. This could lead one to speculate this has something to do with how cruises are being handled in one region or another… As a result, trying to wait until the time is right to make whatever it is public.

      1. Joe S.

        Just disembarked off the Disney Wonder today. Rumor among some of the crew was she might remain on the West Coast, but couldn’t confirm.

  2. jlf

    Thank you Scott. I always look for this chart. I was noticing on the Wish, they did away with the elevators in the back (alt) we always stay in the Alt and those elevators were so convenient.


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