Disney Cruise Line Know Before You Go Adds a 90-Day-Recovered Policy for Guests Recently Recovered From COVID-19

Disney Cruise Line updated their Know Before You Go – Before You Leave page with a policy for Guests who have recently recovered from COVID-19.

In some cases, people who have recently recovered from COVID-19 may still test positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. If Guests have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 within 11 to 90 days of their sail date, they may qualify to be considered as “90-Day-Recovered.” With the appropriate documentation and subsequent approval, Guests considered “90-Day-Recovered” are not required to participate in COVID-19 testing during the Pre-Sail, Embarkation or Disembarkation phases of their voyage.

DCL Know Before 90 Day Recovered COVID Policy 20220201

According to the policy on Disney Cruise Line’s website, if you have tested positive for COVID-19 within 11 to 90 days of your sail date and would like to be identified as 90-Day-Recovered, please upload to Safe Passage the following: 

  • A copy of your previous positive COVID-19 test result which is greater than 11 days and less than 90 days from your expected sail date. The test must have been antigen, NAAT, rapid PCR or lab-based PCR. The test result must include your date of birth.
  • A signed letter (on official letterhead that shows the name, address and phone number of a licensed healthcare provider or public health official) stating that you have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 90 days and are clear for travel.
  • Vaccinated Guests must also upload proof of vaccination in addition to their 90-Day-Recovered documentation.

Bring this documentation with you to the port as well. 

As alway, for the most current, and up to date information for your upcoming cruise, please visit the Disney Cruise Line Know Before You Go pages.

Orlando Airport Testing Site Change

The Orlando International Airport testing site is being replaced by the Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport, near the Orlando International Airport. Below you will find the hours and address for the Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport.

Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport (near Orlando International Airport)
Open 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST, 7 days a week 
7550 Augusta National Drive, Orlando, FL 32822 
Edgewood Room, third floor 

14 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Know Before You Go Adds a 90-Day-Recovered Policy for Guests Recently Recovered From COVID-19”

  1. Tuss

    It would have been nice to know this a few weeks ago. Apparently I had Omicron back in early December. My symptoms were mild and not consistent with Covid Delta symptoms so I never got tested. As more information became available about Omicron and the symptoms associated with it I was pretty sure that I had it in December. I had no idea that I could test positive 35 days later when I was to board the Magic in Miami. I tested positive and my wife and I were denied boarding. It was a gut punch and I tested negative the next day. So I called Safe Passage and let them know what happened and asked why the web site does not list the 90 day circumstance. I guess I’m not the only one because now it’s out there.

  2. MJ

    Testing positive weeks later is a real thing. The 90 day recovered process has been in effect for months but the info is not available until 2 weeks before the cruise where you can see it at the Safe Passage site when go to upload your vaccine info. Glad they are finally positing it where people can see it and take advantage of it. Finding out about it 2 weeks before cruise is too late.

  3. ksh

    Everything gets harder and harder, I read and read and try to understand, used to be 30 day for Safe Passage, now 15 days for Safe Passage. Vaccination or Test, Vaccination and Test. There is only one place on the site that says it. Do I still need to bring a test if I’m vaccinated? HELP?

    1. phil

      If you are vaccinated you do NOT need to bring a test to the port. You will be administered a covid test at the terminal before being allowed to board. But, of course, any one above the age of 5 is required to be vaccinated.

  4. Carys

    Does this mean the characters meet and greet will be back to normal(where guests don’t have to be two meters away from the characters or have behind an rope. And that oceanneer club will open fully day for kids instead of 2 hours session.

    Please answer ASAP

    1. jlc

      We recently returned from our cruise Feb. 14-18. Reservations were still required for the Oceanneer Club. Depending on the day, it ranged from 1.5-2.5 hr slots. The Edge did not have restriction, and also allowed my 10yr old to attend with a signed waiver. For meet and greet, children had to stand a distance from the characters on a specified Mickey head sticker to keep distance.

  5. Michael

    If you get a letter it must have the specific wording of “is safe to travel” or it will be rejected by the Safe Passage folks. Also, check your junk email because they will email you if your letter is rejected and you might not be aware they did. Their web page will still show “safe to arrive” even though your letter was rejected. This happened to my wife and luckily she was able to get her letter amended with the proper wording on the bus ride to the port.

  6. jlc

    Here is my experience if it can be of help to anyone! I tested positive on a HOME test the end of December. I knew I had been exposed and had mild symptoms. According to recommendations at the time, there was no need to follow up with an official lab test. My cruise is scheduled for Feb and I started to become concerned that I may continue to test positive at port. The option for 90 day recovered was not made known until 2 weeks before the cruise (perhaps bc it is a new option). The problem is that I have no official report of my COVID infection. After discussing my situation with Safe Passage, they suggested I get PCR tested right away. Then, if I am still positive, to be evaluated by a health provider as close to the cruise date as possible. The challenge was that we were already 12 days to the cruise and proof of infection must be greater than 11 days from the cruise. Thankfully, I was able to schedule a test and discovered that I am still testing positive on the PCR test. So my plan is now to be assessed the day before our cruise and get a letter from the provider.

  7. Kyle Johnson

    My wife and I are going with our 2 girls who are too young to be vaccinated. We all recently recovered from Covid and will not have to do the pretesting to embark (Per Safe Passage if recovered within 90 days and approved), so my toddlers will be much safer than anyone vaccinated and not recovered from Covid. Does anyone know if Covid recovered toddlers still have to do a Disney Port Adventure to visit ports of call? From a safety standpoint, requiring covid recovered, unvaccinated toddlers to still go on a Port Adventure when others who have not recovered from Covid in the last 90 days can go freely doesn’t make sense (vaccinated or not). A lot of the information on Disney’s website doesn’t take into account covid recovered individuals. They did recently post on their site about the testing policy for covid recovered individuals, but they allowed it long before they posted it on their site.

  8. Brandy

    I have looked at every government travel site, and I can’t seem to figure out if I need to have a negative test before I get off the boat and get on a plane. I am a US citizen, leaving from Port Canaveral, ship only goes to Castaway Cay and then comes back to PC. Does anyone know if the airline will ask for a test before I fly since technically, I’ll be out of the country??

  9. jlc

    When you return and disembark at PC, you will go through Customs at PC. When we came through that point, no one asked about our future travel plans. We simply walked through customs, picked up our luggage, and walked out into the parking garage to our car. Hope that helps!


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