Port Canaveral Shares Update on Disney Cruise Terminal Phase II Renovations

During the January 12, 2022 Port Canaveral Commission Meeting, the following video was shown discussing the progress at Disney Cruise Terminal’s (Cruise Terminal 8) Phase II renovation project. According to the update, substantial completion of the Phase II work is on track for late next month with final completion expected on March 1, 2022 well ahead of the Disney Wish’s arrival.

Additionally, during today’s meeting the port’s CEO Captain John Murray shared the following slides as part of his monthly cruise update.

2 Replies to “Port Canaveral Shares Update on Disney Cruise Terminal Phase II Renovations”

  1. Brett Bailey

    While our first Disney cruise was out of the Port of Los Angeles in 2008 our next cruise in 2009 was out of Port Canaveral. We were highly impressed with the DCL terminal back then it was fantastic looking. I can only imagine how they will improve/upgrade the DCL terminal there. What ever it looks like, it will be the best looking one around…Ok, maybe we are a bit one sided but who can blame us.

  2. jlf0326

    I love Port Canaveral. And I live in Miami. But we were on the Dream 11/29-12/3/21 out of Canaveral. We were resort guests who took a transfer. Pre Covid we would go through a side door. Made you feel special. This time not so much. If you are able body, the walk to be tested is bad enough. But I am on crutches and the fast pace was horrible. I was totally surprised there wasn’t anything to help people with walking problems. With this being said, we still had a awesome time and I have since booked 4 more cruises.


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