A Look at the Conceptual Plan Changes for Lighthouse Point – October 2019 vs November 2020

Today, we have a not so timely, comparative look at Disney Cruise Line’s conceptual plan changes for Lighthouse Point. In April 2021, the Lighthouse Point progress page was updated with the new illustrate concept plan dated November 19, 2020, and it was used once again during an August 2021 update. There are various changes to the site plan including a number of areas modified and in some cases changed to future expansion areas.

The original image circulating was dated October 16, 2019 is shown in the video and side by side comparisons below along with the November 2020 site plan.

As you can see, the overall site plan change compacts the development to the eastern side of the property by relocating the back stage areas including the crew recreation, solar farm, crew housing, and administrative facilities.

Notable changes on the guest side include The Adventure Camp – trails and lookout towers, South Family Beach, and Spa & Wellness now listed as future expansion.

Special thanks to Chauncey D for taking notice of the details and letting me know the conceptual site plan changed.

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