First Look at the Disney Wish 95th Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Float Sailing November 25, 2021

This week, Macy’s shared a first look at Disney Cruise Line’s Magic Meets the Sea Disney Wish float that will be sailing the streets of New York City on November 25, 2021 during the 95th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Disney’s float named Magic Meets the Sea is the first Macy’s Parade float that is longer than the float bed with the bow of the ship extending out eight feet.

Macy Thanksgiving DCL Wish Float

Captain Minnie Mouse is at the helm as Disney Cruise Line’s float makes its maiden voyage in the Big Apple!

Macy Thanksgiving DCL Wish Float Captain Minnie

Modeled after their newest ship, the Disney Wish, which will set sail next summer, it features classic filigree trim on the bow; plus, Mickey-shaped porthole mirrors allow spectators to see themselves on a Disney cruise.

Jordan Fisher is scheduled to debut an original Disney Cruise Line song titled, “Together We Set Sail.” and will be joined with some special guests.

DCL Macy Thanksgiving Parade 2021 Jordan Fisher

The 95th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will air nationwide on NBC, Thursday, November 25, 2021 from 9:00 am. to noon, double check your local listings as the official information says this is the air time in all time zones. For more information visit To follow and participate in the excitement, check out @macys on various social platforms and follow #MacysParade.

4 Replies to “First Look at the Disney Wish 95th Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Float Sailing November 25, 2021”

  1. E

    I’m old enough to remember when DCL didn’t need to advertise this much. I constantly get discount offers via email and now they’re advertising during a world broadcast. Ask yourself why. They can’t fill their ships because no one in their right mind wants to go through all those restrictions during an expensive vacation.

    1. BartmanLA

      Obviously they CAN fill their ships, itineraries released the past few months have filled immediately including the Disney Wish Maiden voyage and subsequent sailings after. Restrictions are easing with the vaccination requirements for children 5 years old and up starting Jan 13th, 2022. Hope there will be news about those under 5 by the beginning of the year. Advertising is a normal part of any customer driven revenue enterprise, they’re just reminding everyone that they’re still around and selling cruises.

    2. R

      @E Many of DCL’s loyal fans are super excited to see DCL in the parade tomorrow. I assure you that the company is doing completely fine. And that additionally, many of us are very grateful to DCL for continuing to keep the health and safety of their crew, cast members and guests paramount.

  2. Brett B.

    That would be the basis to make a nice little Christmas tree ornament. Looking forward to seeing the parade on TV just to see this float.


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