Video: Disney Fantasy Sail Away with Horns – Special Guests Carnival Elation and Carnival Mardi Gras

On Saturday, October 16, 2021, we spent the day at Jetty Park Beach and as we were leaving enjoyed the familiar sights that we’ve been missing from our beach trips, cruise ships sailing out to sea from Port Canaveral with passengers! On this afternoon, we watched the Carnival Elation, the new Carnival Mardi Gras, and the Disney Fantasy depart from vantage points at Jetty Park and The Cove. Below are some photos and video of the ships sailing away, including the Disney Fantasy playing her iconic horns.

Carnival Elation

The Carnival Elation was the first ship to depart the port on this day. The Elation is a part of Carnival’s fantasy class of cruise ships, and entered service in 1998, the same year as the Disney Magic. The Carnival Elation offers a mix of Bahamian and Caribbean sailings from Port Canaveral.

Carnival Mardi Gras

The next ship departing Port Canaveral was the Carnival Mardi Gras – the ship debuted upon the industry restart.

The Mardi Gras was built by Meyer Turku a subsidiary of Meyer Werft, the shipbuilder of the Dream, Fantasy, and the new Disney Cruise ships beginning with the Disney Wish. Similar to the Wish, the Mardi Gras is powered by LNG (liquified natural gas). One of the more unique features of the Mardi Gras is BOLT, the first roller coaster at sea.

Disney Fantasy

Last, but certainly not least, the Disney Fantasy departed Port Canaveral around 5:00 PM. As she made her way down the channel she played her horns.

You can get some great views of the ships at Port Canaveral by visiting Jetty Park, and The Cove area near Exploration Tower. Although there is a fee to enter Jetty Park, it is a great place to enjoy the beach during the day and watch the ships sail out before heading off to one of the many great local restaurants in the area.

7 Replies to “Video: Disney Fantasy Sail Away with Horns – Special Guests Carnival Elation and Carnival Mardi Gras”

  1. Brett Bailey

    I may be a bit bias due to having been only sailing on DCL but I am not ashamed to say so. Looking at the Carnival ships, I find that the FANTASY has the better lines that we fine so appealing. MARDI GRAS may be a lot bigger, taller and full of things I can only imagine but I thought it resembled a cargo container ship when I first saw it here because it looks too big. That being said, it know that Carnival caters to the younger, single people who wish to party (drink) all the time so they build such huge ships to maximize the volume. Give me the DCL ships for size, fun, service (!) and relaxing and my wife and I are happiest on DCL. Not that we would be abstaining from adult beverages on DCL, its just that we have a more comfortable atmosphere on DCL.

    1. Brian

      I totally agree with you Brett. we are the same way. just my wife and me. I dont even want to try another cruise line.

      1. MJ

        Same with us, Brian. Only ever sailed on DCL. Have no desire to try any other cruise line.

        And the boat horns always make me a little misty eyed.

        Was SO happy to get back on the Dream September 20th after nearly 2 years and 6 cancelled cruises. And FINALLY Platinum!!!!

  2. Jo

    Hi, All to me the Mardi Gras might be very nice on the inside (don’t know), but to me the outside design with that red stripe looks as if the ship is sinking. We have sailed DCL many times, but we were never on a deck right below the laundromat. Thanks to Scott’s deck plans, I see that we are right under one on one of our upcoming cruises. Can anyone tell me if they could hear the laundromat directly above or below. Don’t care during the day, but I see that it is open 24 hours a day.

  3. Veronica Dennis

    Oh wow, just saw this. We were supposed to be on Fantasy that day but cancelled and were on Elation. Wish we had stayed on Fantasy. Elation was only on her 2nd paying cruise, I stopped counting shattered windows at 4; worst part is she was in dry dock when everything shut down.

  4. Vinnie

    Love the site and this ship comparison it’s been since the 80’s since we’ve sailed non Disney. Just as we’re becoming Pearl you’re making me consider converting to another cruiseline 🤨…. We’ve sailed Royal Caribbean and others that have since merged before DCL Magic was built and exclusively and loyally sailed DCL since 1998 with our then wee one and now with our grand kids. Did love hearing MardiGras makes Polo/Remy (surf & turf, lamp chops, etc.) type food items available daily at no reservation regular restaurants where children can also eat albeit with an up charge (like Palo/Remy’s). Hate DCL eliminated Grand Marnier Soufflé and may be eliminating the soufflés altogether even in Polos/Remy/I think inside the Disney Dream Concierge 1-BR inside slightly beats the Canaveral MardiGras with 2 full bathrooms, living room l, dining area, and concierge lounge. Except the flex closet fold up/down shelves and storage cabinets on each side of the bed, outside hottub and seating on MardiGras pushes it almost to a tie win. Don’t know how private the hot tub area is situated 😉. You didn’t yet mention concierge lounge in days 1-2 reports. I can’t sail without the Concierge’s lounge, service, drinks and food… Once you go concierge you can’t sail any other way!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Hi Vinnie,
      There is no concierge lounge like on Disney’s ships. The lounge experience offered by Disney is fantastic, but when you sail with a bigger group of friends who may not all be booking concierge it becomes something of little use as I’d rather spent time with friends than away from them in the lounge. The room did include access to Loft 19, but we didn’t even go there to look around. The hot tub is off on the side and mostly private private when out at sea, docked next to other ships it is not.


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