Disney Cruise Line Extends Cruise Date Flexibility Offer For New and Existing Bookings Through July 2021

Disney Cruise Line announced the extension of their Cruise Date Flexibility Offer for all new and existing reservations booked by July 31, 2021, for scheduled sailings on or before December 31, 2021, you can change your sail date up to 15 days before departure.

Cruise Date Flexibility

  • Guests who have booked before July 31, 2021 have the ability to change their sail date up to 15 days prior to embarkation.
  • Guests scheduled to sail on or before December 31, 2021 may take advantage of this offer.
  • Guests who wish to change their sail date must move their sail date to one that commences prior to September 30, 2022. Standard prevailing rates will apply. Future cruise credits cannot be applied to the Disney Wish maiden voyage, setting sail on June 9, 2022.
  • Guests cannot change their reservation back to the original sail date after taking advantage of this offer.
  • Should you cancel your new sail date, cancellation fees will be the greater of: a) cancellation fees that would have been applicable to the original sail date; or b) cancellation fees applicable to the new sail date.
  • Standard air cancellation fees apply for Guests who booked flights through Disney Cruise Line.

For the most up to date information on this offer please visit DisneyCruise.com.

5 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Extends Cruise Date Flexibility Offer For New and Existing Bookings Through July 2021”

  1. Jo

    I think they broke this new today because they cancelled their test cruise. A way of giving us a ray of sunshine knowing so many of us are hesitant to pay in full before we know what if anything will be different from the norm in our up coming cruise. There are some changes our family are willing to accept and think are for the best; there are some that are unacceptable. As so many have said, this is a vacation-one we have planned, dreamed, and saved for. If it becomes something that is more stress than play, think we will change course.

  2. Scott Weinfeld

    every time they extend thease final payments, it looks like they going to cancel. Panama canal cruise looks like in jeopardy next March. I hope I won’t be doing Carnival next spring

  3. Sue

    We are on go as long as we do not have to wear masks during the cruise on ship. If it’s a requirement, we will cancel. Masks would be no fun on a cruise.

  4. Scott Weinfeld

    I agree as l0ng we don’t have to wear mask. Going on CCL in August no ,ask except in terminal

  5. Craig

    We are scheduled on wonder this fall I just don’t see them bring the wonder to west coast for a few cruises. I just wish they would cancel already.


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