Disney Wish Custom Color Coded Stateroom Category Deck Plan

Please see the updated version 0.2

Please note, this is NOT an official deck plan which I am calling version 0.1. Disney Cruise Line has not published a color coded deck plan. As a result, this visualization may vary slightly depending on a number of variables. It was created using available information. Plus, there could be designer error – sorry. The purpose is to help visualize the stateroom categories as best as possible while we all await the offical color coded deck plan. Basically, use at your own risk and always verify specifics with Disney Cruise Line prior to booking.

WW Deck Plan 2022
Click for High Resolution Custom Disney Wish Deck Plan

This custom color coded stateroom category deck plan has been added to the Disney Wish deck plan page and joins the graphical representation of the various decks which was released during the grand reveal of the Disney Wish. The Disney Wish staterooms are available to browse via the stateroom explorer – please note, I am still working on the details such as linking the connecting staterooms.

Bookings for the inaugural season for the Disney Wish open to the general public on May 27, 2021 with tiered early booking beginning on May 17th for Platinum Castaway Club members with 25 or more sailings.

7 Replies to “Disney Wish Custom Color Coded Stateroom Category Deck Plan”

  1. Jennifer

    Thank you…2 sets of elevators vs the 3 on the Fantasy and Dream? Interesting. Definitely good to know as I decide where my new favorite cabins will be 😉

  2. Deann from Texas

    Thanks so much for this, with a few clicks you can narrow down your choices really quick. Especially if you only have two in your party. Also I was happy more accessible rooms. Those are great for those of us 65+ walking with canes or walker or need a wheel chair and still love the Disney experience. Thank you again.

  3. James

    The more I think about it, there are a lot of people with mobility issues where the tub is the problem and they don’t necessarily need an accessible state room. It would be nice to see the connecting state room pairs have a walk in shower in 1 room and the tub in the other.


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