Florida Governor Holds Cruise Industry Roundtable at Port Canaveral with Cruise Line Leaders

Today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a roundtable discussion at Port Canaveral focusing on the cruise industry, and the impact the industry shutdown is causing to vendors, businesses, and hotels supporting the cruise industry in Florida and across the United States. Industry leaders and the State of Florida are urging the CDC to work together with the cruise industry.

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During the roundtable, Disney Cruise Line President, Thomas Mazloum was given an opportunity to address the panel stating the following:

Governor DeSantis, thank you for your leadership, and thank you for the opportunity to be here today. Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it, Let’s get people back to work, Let’s get people back to work! The health situation has changed. [CLIA] Member cruise lines are cruising very successfully outside of the United States, proving with the right protocols, cruising is a very safe and beautiful experience. We still have a still have a significant portion of our Disney Cruise Line employees right here in Central Florida furloughed a year into this – and what most people don’t realize the impact the has on vendors, on business partners, communities, including the folks right here in Port Canaveral. They are struggling, they are struggling, Let’s get people back to work! The health situation has changed . We have proven cruising is successful, we are the only industry not allowed to operate by the US Government Let’s get people back to work! Let’s start by treating this industry like any other sector in travel tourism. Thank you very much

Disney Cruise Line President,Thomas Mazloum – March 26, 2021

Later in the roundtable discussion, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody mentioned the State of Florida is exploring legal action on behalf of the cruise industry to help restart the cruise tourism sector in the United States. It is very important to note, there is no legal action being taken by the state at this time, they are only considering their options.

Once the roundtable has been archived this post will be updated with a link to the full video. The full replay of today’s roundtable discussion on the cruise industry is available here.

8 Replies to “Florida Governor Holds Cruise Industry Roundtable at Port Canaveral with Cruise Line Leaders”

  1. Tyler

    They did show the data. I thought to information presented by the CLIA was incredibly well put together and included plenty of data from the ongoing cruises across the Atlantic. All of that data has shown that cruises, like many other industries, have been able to implement new safety measures to allow cruising for people that want to.

  2. darrenswheeler

    Show the data that says it isn’t.

    This isn’t about restarting on April 1st but getting a framework that allows cruising to restart in the near future. The combination of vaccines and enhanced safety protocols will minimise the risk. Airlines have been allowed to carry on.

  3. Michelle

    Not a huge fan of DeSantis, but I appreciate the effort he’s making here. The CDC should not have the power to unilaterally shut down the cruise industry (or any industry, for that matter).

  4. Mary Ann Morrison

    I also not a fan of Gov De Santis, but I applaud him for his efforts for all that he is doing to have the CDC lift the “No Sail” for sailing in/out of US Ports. The cruise industry has demonstrated that it is safe to sail, and have taken precautionary measures across the industry. The CDC’s position is beyond my understanding. Cruising has resumed safely in other parts of the world and I also believe that the CDC should not have the final authority to shut down the cruise industry as well as any other industry.

  5. MS

    Please, please, please work this out for June so my Disney cruise happens. Those who don’t wish to go can stay home. Some of us want to go and enough limits on what you are allowed to do and not o. Yes, I had Covid. Hospitalized due to blood clot in my liver. I still want to go on my cruise.


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