Remaining 2021 Disney Wonder Alaskan Season Under Evaluation

Disney Cruise Line issued an updated travel alert today announcing cancellations across the fleet and included a statement on the Canadian government’s cruise ban which spans into early 2022. At this time, Disney Cruise Line is evaluating options for the Disney Wonder for the upcoming Alaskan season.

The Canadian Government’s decision to ban cruise ships through February 2022 was announced on February 4th. This resulted in Disney Cruise Line removing all of the 2021 Alaskan sailings from further booking on January 15th over a month ahead of today’s official cancellation of the May sailings. This leaves the following Disney Wonder sailings in limbo as Disney evaluates their options.

Below is the full statement on Canadian departures issued earlier this morning.

In light of the Canadian government’s announcement that they will not allow ships with more than 100 passengers to dock in any Canadian port until February 28, 2022, we are evaluating various options for the Disney Wonder’s scheduled season in Alaska. Once a decision is made, we will reach out to Guests booked on these sailings.

DCL Travel Alert 2021 Canadian Departures 20210224

We will continue to monitor the situation with the Alaskan season as well as the Disney Magic’s Canadian Cruise scheduled in October.

5 Replies to “Remaining 2021 Disney Wonder Alaskan Season Under Evaluation”

  1. Mary Jane Kovall

    Hi Scott, the map for the October 24th, 2021 NY to Canada cruise is showing incorrectly. It is showing a Mexican itinerary instead of a Canadian one when linked from today’s Alaskan cancellation article.

  2. Mary Jane Kovall

    We are actually on this itinerary. Any thoughts if it will be a go with possibly a different itinerary? Maybe a southern route instead of northern or possibly just Bar Harbor and the rest sea days? Its only six days so not too much it can do.

  3. Paul T

    The “Passenger Vessel Services Act” stipulates there has to be foreign country port of call. Congress has no appetite to change the law or a temporary waiver for cruise lines because the ships are not built in the U.S., Incorporated in the U.S., or flagged in the U.S.


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