Cayman Islands: Cruise Tourism Unlikely in 2021

Last week, during the Cayman Islands COVID-19 vaccine roll-out press briefing which was live-streamed on January 7, 2020, Premier Alden McLaughlin was asked a number of questions regarding cruise tourism and the current status of the Grand Cayman cruise port.

When asked about reopening boarders in the spring for tourism, McLaughlin was asked specifically about the cruise tourism. McLaughlin did not hesitate stating, “Cruise is not on the on the radar at all at this stage. I think we would have to to be satisfied that the world was a very different place in terms of safety relating the coronavirus before we would even consider having the cruise ships come here. Because as they have demonstrated, they are they are really crucibles for for the virus because of the way people have to live in such confined spaces and in such close contact with each other. So, honestly I don’t see cruise tourism resuming with any sort of of significant level before next year.

Furthermore, McLaughlin said the last part of his statement was in general, not just in relation to Cayman.

Below is an excerpt from the Cayman Island press briefing where Premier Alden McLaughlin addresses the topic of cruise tourism.

The full press briefing video can be viewed on the CIGTV on YouTube page.

In August, the Cayman Islands closed the port to cruise through December 31, 2020. However, when asked about the current status since the date has passed, McLaughlin said, he’d need to check on this. However, the Premier closed out the questioning on the subject saying, “cruise ship business is not really within our contemplation at this stage.”

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