Port Canaveral Shares Update on Disney Cruise Terminal 8 Construction Progress

During Port Canaveral’s October 28, 2020 Board of Commissioners meeting, drone video was presented showing the progress of the external expansion project at Disney Cruise Line’s home, Cruise Terminal 8. Progress is continuing on the renovation project with the waterside work slated to be finished by April 1, 2021, and the terminal a few days later on April 6th.

Port Canaveral CT8 Status Update

Below is the segment of the meeting showing the latest drone video of Cruise Terminal 8 (CT8). Please visit Port Canaveral’s website to view the full meeting.

The following is a closer look at some of the highlights mentioned in the video.

The original epoxy terrazzo floor in the terminal from 1998 has undergone a $165,000 refurbishment which included repairs to epoxy cracks as well as repairs to the metal inlays. The first image below is from Port Canaveral showing the work, the others are from past visits showing a few of the magical inlays.

The first floor luggage area which is rarely seen in photos due to security contraints received an updated. The duct work was cleaned inside and out along with a fresh coat of paint. The ceiling was a light grey, however it often looked dirty. The decision was made to go with a darker look, not black, but a dark blue color. Look familiar? Think Monica Blue. Light were swapped out with all new LED lights giving the space a modern look.

Port Canaveral CT8 1st Floor Baggage Ceiling

One of the major upgrades at the terminal is an all new jetway-stye passenger boarding bridge. The gangway is being built in Barcelona, Spain by Adelte, and is expected to be delivered mostly assembled in December. It should be commissioned late this year or early 2021.

The major waterside upgrade came in the form of a new mooring dophin, 16 new foam filled fenders, 4 new 125 metic ton mooring bollards to accommodate the new class of ship, beginning with the Disney Wish.

To increase the efficiency of moving baggage between the terminal and the ship, luggage conveyers and a additional land bridge for fork lifts have been added.

A closer look at the current passenger boarding bridge and location of new bridge which has been framed out much closer to the Mickey Mouse entrance within the terminal.

A 2,800 sq/ft building expansion has been added housing a new debarkation ramp and an all new concierge area.

Port Canaveral CT8 Drone Building Expansion Concierge Debarkation Ramp

In the following image, you can see the space reserved for a future outbound luggage screening building. This part of the project had previously been deferred.

Port Canaveral CT8 Drone Future Outbound Luggage Screening Building

For guests arriving by car, the embarkation luggage collection area canopies and drop off area has been extended to accommodate more guests at one time.

The parking area next to the terminal will be reconfigured with 89 spaces for cast and crew. Time will tell if the preferred parking area will exist elsewhere, and the new location for the handicap parking spaces.

Port Canaveral CT8 Drone Cast Crew Parking

The front entrance renovation includes an 6,786 sq. ft open-air covered arrival plaza to keep guests dry upon arrival while they wait to enter the terminal.

Port Canaveral CT8 Drone Covered Arrival Plaza

The project includes an expanded 11,158 sq. ft arrival hall out front highlighted by new landscaping, and green glass accent pavers. The Disney Cruise Line signage will soon be relocated over to the front edge of the expanded arrival hall.

5 Replies to “Port Canaveral Shares Update on Disney Cruise Terminal 8 Construction Progress”

  1. James Arthur

    I wish the 1st floor luggage area was themed, it’s such a dramatic shift from the beauty of the DCL ships to the warehouse feel. Simple things like adding character foot prints to each of the pickup areas would help the feel of the space.

  2. Jo

    I think the warehouse feel is a good reminder that you are back to the “real” world. Serves as an incentive to cruise again——-Disney did not realize how accurate the name of their new ship is. How we all “wish” to be on board again. Thanks Scott for the pictures. It was good to get a glimpse of the terminal and know how hard DCL is at work to keep things ship shape!

  3. James Arthur

    The dramatic shift, doesn’t have the normal Disney feel. With the parks, you walk back thru entrance area, with the main street and gates acting like a portal this providing a transition back to the real world. The baggage area is like having to leave thru the underground employee tunnels. It just don’t have the “see you real soon” feeling.

    Just a few things like playing movie credits music and the character foot steps guiding us out, would change the whole feeling.

    I do agree that Wish is a perfect name.


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