Coming Soon: Disney’s Lighthouse Point Environmental Impact Assessment

Disney Cruise Line’s Lighthouse Point Project’s environmental impact assessment (EIA) is close to becoming a finalized document. The EIA is expected to be released for public review “in a matter of weeks” according to Director of the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection Rochelle Newbold during the department’s press conference on September 24, 2020.

Bahamas DOE Press Conference Rochelle Newbold 20200924
Rochelle Newbold – Full Video at the end

Disney submitted their EIA in late December, but is not able to begin construction until the EIA as well as the and Environmental Management Plan are accepted by the Government, a public review period has occurred, and any and all other government permits and approvals have been granted. As of the press conference, the governments is in the process of finalizing Disney’s Lighthouse Point EIA. Once completed, the EIA will be put online for a public comment period.

It is important to know that the publication of the finalized document online does not mean that it is a final document. This is merely an end of the phase of discussions between the Disney and The Bahamas insuring the scope of the document is all encompassing before it is presented for public comment.

The full video of the press conference can be viewed below. The discussion on Environmental Impact Assessments begin at the 1 hour mark. The topic of Disney’s Lighthouse Point EIA can be viewed beginning at 1 hour and 7 minutes when a reporter asks why Disney’s EIA is not yet a public document.

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  1. jason

    It appears to be a month later since this update about the Lighthouse Project was posted and still nothing. When exactly is “a matter of weeks”. No update and no EIA and/or EMP produced as yet. Can we get the truth about where we are with this project? Our economy needs this and other projects right now to boost the country.


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