The Vault: Premier Cruise Lines The Big Red Boat – 1991 – 1992 Rates & Information Vacation Planning Booklet

In this installment of The Vault, we are going to take a trip back to 1991 – 1992 with a look at Disney’s early days of land and sea vacations aboard the Big Red Boat with a partnership with Premier Cruise Lines which inevitably led to the decision to go full ahead with the launch of Disney Cruise Line. The booklet covered sailings from January 3, 1991 to June 12, 1992. Yes, this is basically the same booklet we previously shared, but there are some revisions to the overall content and layout.

Design the Week of Your Dreams

PCL BRB 91 92 Pg

There’s Magic Aboard The Big Red Boat

We Make Sure Kids Have the Time of Their Lives with Programs All Their Own, All Day, All Year.

“Kids’ Quarters”: Affordable Privacy for Parents & The First Single-Parent Plan in the Travel Industry

PCL BRB 91 92 Pg

Our Nassau and Exclusive Salt Cay Cruise

No Other Place in the World Compares to the Abacos Out Islands And No Other Cruise Line Can Take You There

The Big Red Boat Introduces the Cuisine of the ’90s

PCL BRB 91 92 Pg

Set Sail with the people Who Make Premier #1

PCL BRB 91 92 Pg

Travel Agents Rate Premier’s Stateroom and Amenities #1 / Only The Big Red Boat Give You the SeaSport Fitness Program

PCL BRB 91 92 Pg

Enchanted Evenings of Family Entertainment

PCL BRB 91 92 Pg

Only The Big Red Boat Gives You a Magical Cruise and Walt Disney World Too, in One All-Inclusive Vacation!

Only The Big Red Boat Gives You The Vacation Kingdom Resorts

Exciting Orlando-Area Resorts!

Only The Big Red Boat Gives You Such an Array of Options

PCL BRB 91 92 Pg

Rates for All Big Red Boats

Customize Your Cruise and Disney Week Vacation

PCL BRB 91 92 Pg

Extend Your Cruise and Disney Week Vacation / Beach Bonus

PCL BRB 91 92 Pg

The Big Red Boat Takes Care of Singles and Honeymooners Like No One Else / Our Family Reunion Vacation

PCL BRB 91 92 Pg

Our Travel Insurance Promises Peace of Mind / Our 7-Day Drive Package

PCL BRB 91 92 Pg

Our New Fly/Cruise Airfare Program

Premier’s Cruise Vacation with Air Included

PCL BRB 91 92 Pg

Important Details

Special thanks again to Scott Weinfeld for taking the time to scan his copy of the 1991 – 1992 Premier Cruise Lines Big Red Boat Rates & Information Vacation Planning Booklet. We still have more fun stuff to share in future installments of The Vault, if you have anything unique to share drop me an email.

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