New Disney Cruise Line Survey Offers a Look at Possible Changes Upon Restart

A new survey from Disney Cruise Line is floating around asking guests a series of questions relating to proposed changes in the works for the ships when the cruise industry restarts. The survey included a few other things to identify if guests would more likely keep a reservation if they were offered a $250 on-board credit, changing lengths of cruise, requiring negative test results prior to boarding. Special thanks to a reader who wishes to remain anonymous for sharing the following summary from his survey experience. If you receive any surveys please consider sending in screenshots.

This is only a partial list of everything under consideration, so these processes and procedures may or may not be implemented once Disney Cruise Line resumes sailing. (Assume that stay-at-home restrictions have been lifted and you are able to travel, and that no restrictions in San Diego prevent you from traveling to the area.)


  • Physical distancing measures
  • Limited number of people allowed on ship
  • Increased number of hand-washing and hand-sanitizing stations
  • Employees required to wear masks/cloth face coverings and gloves
  • Employees are temperature screened regularly
  • Guests required to wear masks/cloth face coverings at all times (unless dining or in water activities)
  • Guests’ temperature screened prior to embarkation and returning from each port of call
  • Enhanced air cleaning system
  • Flexibility option allowing guests to change sail date up to 15 days prior to departure
  • Increased cleaning and sanitation throughout the ship


  • Deck parties temporarily paused
  • Close interactions with Characters temporarily unavailable
  • Kids Clubs activities and capacity reduced
  • Access to port limited to only those who book shore excursion with Disney
  • Later embarkation time
  • No self-service buffet available
  • Nursery for infants & toddlers, ages 0-3, temporarily closed
  • Family pool limited (hours and capacity)
  • Number of entertainment options reduced


  • Digital sign-up for virtual queues at main water slides, upper deck main pool time and debarkation at ports of call
  • Advance booking required for major onboard activities including Walt Disney Theater shows, movies and Kids Clubs time slots each day

In addition to the above, a survey to guests booked on a 7-night Eastern Caribbean has reference to changes in itinerary. These screenshots can be viewed on Twitter.

Some of the items referenced were similar to items mentioned in the European guidance for restarting cruises overseas.

What are your thoughts on the changes mentioned in the survey? Will you keep your booking, or will you be putting your next Disney Cruise on hold?

81 Replies to “New Disney Cruise Line Survey Offers a Look at Possible Changes Upon Restart”

  1. Steve

    We would likely keep our bookings (7 night Eastern in November, 7 night Mexican in April, and Alaska next summer) even with these restrictions, and pending whatever happens with Covid-19, treatments and vaccines. Only two things really trouble us: (1) having to book excursion through DCL to go ashore in a port (although I understand why they would want to do that); and (2) shortening a cruise from 7 days to 3-5.

    We actually like options that add an extra day at Castaway Cay.

    I received the first survey in my email but was not selected to complete the survey based on a set of questions that asked about social media habits. I do post once or twice a month on Disney Cruising Facebook page, and occasionally reply here. Not sure why that excluded me!

    Thanks for your post – very helpful!

  2. Janice Elaine Etheridge

    I am not wearing a mask all day on I cruise I paid 20000.00 for. I want my money back.

  3. @Trooper160

    Have heard that from another guest we’re scheduled to sail with. Seems DCL is steering the survey to only guests who aren’t quite as social media vocal as others. Wonder what that’s about…

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I believe my wife and I have both had our emails blacklisted from surveys. Haven’t received a post cruise or any other survey such as this in a couple of years.

  4. Janice Elaine Etheridge

    I already gave a reply but I forgot to tell you my age which is 70 yrs. old and going on the cruise is not safe for me.

  5. ridethectrain

    I would hope to enjoy my first cruise experience with Disney, I hope we don;t lose the fun and excitement of Disney.

    Haven’t cruise in 13 years, I sadly wished I would of sailed last September out of New York before this Covid-19 started. I can’t afford to pre quarentine before a cruise or after a cruise. I just hope things get better by the fall. I have October out of New York, probably get canceled and a back to back in January, reschedule from September and Western Caribean next August, which I might push to the following year if these other cruises go off.

  6. Trish tc Connolly

    I was asked as well and then when I put I post online they excluded me as well. I guess that want everything kept hush hush – no whistle blowers allowed LOL

  7. Casey

    If all those things are limited: no character meet and greets, reduced kids attendance (which leaves the possibility of our daughter missing out), having to schedule all our major activities with the possibility of missing them (like Royal Caribbean does), limited pool access and masks ALL day unless I’m eating…. No. We will cancel our 2 week Panama Canal cruise (after our 9 day was already cancelled). That is NOT a vacation to us and all those things that are being reduced are the reason we pay the Disney high price for. I might as well book a lesser cruise line and pay less as Disney will be offering the same as them. That’s cutting the Disney experience, but not compensating the guests. This will completely stop us from cruising DCL.

  8. Paul T

    I forgot to say: no sail away party, no shows, no pirate night fireworks — we will go only if they return 75% of the fair

  9. Walt

    Wow…….. DCL is desperate to get things rolling again. I don’t like what I am hearing. Florida is now a hotspot for the coronavirus and might be worse by November. And some areas have early winters in the USA around that time which would make it hard to distinguish between a cold, flu or the coronavirus. Still some passengers might not have any symptoms and still be carriers. Why not wait until next year in the late spring to send these surveys. By that time we will know more about the coronavirus and maybe more access to other Caribbean island’s ports. I don’t think passengers wants to go to the Bahamas over and over again. Then for me a 3 or 5 days cruise is too short. We would want our money back until things get better and more ports would be available.

  10. Paul T

    A $250 dollar onboard credit ? O ne evening at Palo will use that up . One evening at Remy with the wine pairings, you will owe money. Disney!!! button up your shirt, your heart is falling out

  11. Mama to 5

    Oh hell no. Our cruise is $12,600 for our family of 7 which included 5 kids who we planned to enroll in the kids clubs much of the time. That sounds MISERABLE. we already decided to cancel a few weeks ago and I am so glad.

  12. dragynally

    Surprisingly not much of that bothers me except character interaction. I understand no hugs because duh. However I was hoping a picture plan would be in place. Like how they do frozen and princesses.

  13. Laura

    I am all for taking effective safety precautions. I don’t see how leaving the ship with a crowded Disney booked excursion is safer than, say, strolling with one’s family around an island or town…

    Also, my fantasy is that by the time we sail, testing will get sorted out so we can all get tested instantly on embarkation day. I know I’d feel a lot better knowing that only people with negative covid tests boarded the ship on day 1. I know anything can happen after that but starting with a clean slate would be reassuring.

  14. Lars

    What do masks have to do with the amount of money you spent. Do you think the virus cares about what you paid? I do not like to wear one for so long too. It is up to you to just cancel and travel later.

  15. Chris

    I don’t think that’s what she meant. I think Janice was saying that she doesn’t want to wear a mask on something that costs so much money and will wait until it’s safe to cruise again without a mask. It’s a perfectly reasonable response and one that I share. I wear masks all the time and I don’t want to wear one on a something that is such a rare treat. It’s very expensive and a mask would detract from the experience. I’ll just wait until I can have a full, unrestricted experience.

  16. Paul T

    With no theater shows, no sail away show, no pirate night show, no fireworks, no Senses Spa, no kids club and with a couple hundred dollar on board credit, it is nothing more than a Carnival Booze Cruise

  17. Anne

    It cannot drive any positive results ; those worried will consider the precautions not sufficient and the others will feel too limited in their vacation experience.

  18. Damian Pickett

    20K? why should you be exempt because of money? The virus probably doesn’t understand how important you are.

  19. Justin

    Part of the reason we choose disney cruise over others is the shows and character interactions. With those being limited or requiring advance scheduling that may mean you cannot go. I have two young children, 6 & 9, and these items would cause us to cancel.

  20. Abby b

    that’s obviously not what she’s saying — she’s clearly saying for that kind of money, having to wear a mask all day long isn’t worth it. Because it SUCKS.

  21. Chip Bennett

    “Access to port limited to only those who book shore excursion with Disney”

    We are on the 01 November Dream 7-Night Eastern sailing. I’ll begrudgingly accept most changes to be able to cruise. But the one above will be a dealbreaker for any future cruises with Disney. I will not be held hostage on the ship for refusing to pay Disney’s exorbitant prices for shore excursions.

    Many of the other changes that reduce or eliminate the experiences for which we pay the Disney premium, if not accompanied by some meaningful reduction in price (a $250 OBC is a joke), will also impact future cruise decisions.

    (Personally, I’m more loyal to NCL than I am to DCL. But the DCL experience is – or, until now, has been – truly magical and worth the premium for some of our cruise budget.)

  22. Melanie Weekes

    yep, that’s what I’m waiting to find out. we are booked sept 28 on the dream. if there are masks, we are out!! I am not spending all that money and not only having some of the cruise experience taken away, but having to wear a mask on a cruise is a deal breaker!!

  23. Pat

    Sail away party and pirate night is what makes cruise so special. And all the shows in theatre and atrium. I will cancel our 11/2 cruise

  24. L

    all of those requirements are a must if any cruise line is to start sailing again, not just disney. masks must be required, all the cleaning protocols, requiring all guests and crew to take a rapid test prior to being allowed to board, disbanding much entertainment.

    all that said ,they cannot charge what they are charging and expect people to be happy about it. i am 100% in favor of whatever safety measures are necessarily to curb this virus, whether it be on land or at sea. but good luck finding people willing to shell out the money we’re used to for a fraction of the experience. i believe under normal circumstances dcl is worth everything you experience, but would not be with these limitations (which again, i’m completely in favor of, i am by no means protesting anything but cost at this point).

  25. Alice

    There’s a lot to be frustrated with. Not allowed off the boat unless on a Disney excursion? After two very poor Disney shore excursions, we started using Tours by Locals instead- they are awesome. Is there some scientific basis for risk mitigation I am not understanding ?
    We only do (did ) the 14 day cruises because of the enhanced relaxation opportunity, but the reality is- cruising as we knew (and loved) it with Disney is a thing of the past. During the call last week to cancel our Nov. WBPC I asked how they planned on enforcing the masking needed….especially with those folks who think that the price exempts them from complying….throw them overboard to protect everyone else ? As I see it, the practical application of safety rules will eliminate the “vacation” portion of the cruise and without that, there’s just no point in going, regardless of the onboard credit offer. We’ll dust off the motorhome and travel the US for the foreseeable future (National parks are beautiful and you can stay away from crowds if you plan ahead).

  26. Sherry Barragan

    We had an amazing Disney Cruise last year to the British Isles. I am so glad we went last year. We were planning on cruising this summer but now we will wair for a vaccine.

  27. Anon E. Mouse

    There is certainly a lot of entitlement coming in some of the comments. The mask isn’t for you, it’s to protect everyone from you.

    However, agree with a lot of the commentary that this eliminates most of what makes a cruise special. In fact, if you change the room locks so only a guard can let you out, I think I’ve seen this on TV – Orange is the new Black.

  28. Todd

    Agree 100 percent. We are gold, nearing platinum with Disney. Our cruises involve 5 to 6 kids each time. We pay for this experience. If these are changed, sailings with DCL would end!

  29. Rhonda

    We paid a premium for a Very Merrytime Sailing for our 12th DCL cruise. Take away the parties and the characters in holiday costume, and there isn’t anything left to justify the higher price. Would be really disappointed with these outcomes.

  30. Brenda Kerr Peters

    Unfortunately my daughter and I wouldn’t be able to go. Neither of us are able to tolerate wearing masks for an extended period of time. My daughter is asthmatic and they greatly hinder her breathing. We will probably have to cancel and wait to reschedule when this horrid disease finally dies out or a safe vaccine is developed.

  31. Aunt Lynne

    I’d like to know what “Limited entertainment options means.”

    I don’t sail with kids. Don’t seek out character interactions (but love seeing them wandering on the ship). All kid stuff won’t affect us.

    I do want to be able to walk around the ship and enjoy the sea breeze and sunsets.

    See a production show of my choice (and I don’t watch all of them, anymore.)

    Play trivia (we can social distance in the Promenade Lounge I think.)

    Watch movies in the Buena Vista Theatre. But none will be recent theatrical releases, will they?

    Eat at Palo. Including buffet items at brunch. (I can be served by workers at buffets – it’s happened before with Norovirus scares).

    I will wear a mask. Just pretend that I am Asian with a cold or living in a city with pollution. I don’t enjoy them – and didn’t enjoy them when working as a nurse, either, but it doesn’t hurt me nor diminish my enjoyment.

    Okay, Disney cruises are expensive. I started when they were reasonable. Now I really question whether I want to pay so much – this was before any limitations expected. (In 2010, We booked the Med, 11 nights, for $1K pp inside. Upgraded the room to concierge at port for $2800. Now, you can’t get a 7-night inside for what we paid). So, yes, for a year or two, I would pay for DCL excursions. [Our family quote is “People save their entire lives for a trip to Disney World.” and “Nobody needs to go on a Disney cruise to Alaska two times.” If I can break those rules and sail DCL 17 times, I can DCL’s exorbitant Port Adventure costs instead of arranging a Shore Excursion.]

    I can’t imagine sailing with these restrictions if I had children, were a large party, or were early in my cruising career. This is great for people who just want to chill out on a pretty boat.

    And I know that the need for recent COVID testing to get off the plane (we sail from San Juan in November) will be the deal breaker if my elective vacation keeps or delays a working person from getting the test they need.

    I’m not sailing if it puts my or others’ health at risk. Bottom line. I’ve waited five years to sail due to illness. I can wait five more (or forever) if necessary.

    I hope new sailors get the opportunity to experience the Magic (Dream, Fantasy, Wonder) that we seasoned cruisers have (and look forward to again, in all its glory).

    Bon Voyage!

  32. MJ

    I didn’t feel there were entitlement posts here just people frustrated that after spending so much on the DCL experience to have to wear a mask stinks. I am on the fence. I miss DCL so much but realistically will I be willing to sit on Deck 4 (one of my favorite spots) and watch the ocean go by with a mask on that tickles my nose and I need to adjust all the time, especially with the ocean breezes. Man I hate wearing a mask for the 45 minutes I am in the grocery store. We took the grandkids to the Aquarium the other day and trying to keep a mask on a 2.5 year old is not easy. I do not like the idea of having to make reservations for the shows. The buffet I can live without serving myself. I am sure there will be CM’s manning all the elevators to make sure not too many people ride together….can you imagine that on the Magic/Wonder. At least on the Dream/Fantasy the elevators are much bigger.

    Again, I don’t think its entitlement people expressing but just frustration that what we all know and love as the DCL experience will be diminished by all these restrictions.

  33. Paul T

    Another issue which has not been any mention of, is the production facility for the theater shows. It takes many months to produce a show, (concept, choreography, set design, auditions, hiring, practice) The production facility for Disney Cruise Line live stage shows is located in Toronto, Canada. Travel restrictions to and from Canada is very strict. Is the facility even open? Have they hired performers? Even if they started today it would many months is produce the typical three on board shows. A lot of discussion has been made as to how social distancing would be achieved the theaters, but will there be any shows produced for a September 15 start-up on the Dream and Fantasy

  34. JK

    The good about the requirement of booking Disney port excursions inorder to leave the boat is that Disney can then require tour operators to test their employees and implement safety protocols. Plus it limits the interaction to “known” strangers. At first I disagreed w the potential option but the more I thought about it, the safer I would actually feel if this was the case.

  35. Bob

    Wait for the vaccine (hopefully late 2020-early 2021) and re-start “normally” without these proposed restrictions (which even if enacted still pose a less than negligible risk to passengers in an environment such as a cruise ship).

  36. Hope M

    Hell. No. This sounds miserable. You have to wear a mask at all times, can’t get off the boat in any ports unless you booked an excursion through them (can’t just lounge on the beach on your own), limited activities, etc. Hard pass. They better make a huge reduction in cost of cruising if they make all these rules, because that sounds like a rather boring, miserable time.

  37. Candi

    I would rather wait and go in another year than to have the restrictions. Possibly would want refund to use on a land Disney trip.

  38. Jennifer

    I totally agree! We are Gold level with Disney and I pay Disney price for the extras. I also tell others that it’s worth the higher price because of the Disney extras. If they take that away then it’s NOT worth it! I love Disney but 2020 V needs to be done with! I’m not wearing a mask! Why you ask…because just going on a cruise you should understand you will be exposed to many things and I’ve already had this “coronaV” back in January so I’m good. If you have health issues don’t cruise! I’m NOT wearing a mask!

  39. Janet

    While the $250 OBC would not persuade me to sail with these type of restrictions, for the most part I understand and appreciate the steps DCL is taking to try to mitigate the risk involved in cruising during a pandemic. There is one glaring exception to that, however. Only being allowed off the ship in ports if you take a DCL excursion is a blatant cash grab IMHO. No one will ever convince me that I am safer on an excursion with numerous other people than taking a private tour or just wandering around on our own. There really is no justification for it other than to drive revenue, which really disappoints me.

  40. Jennifer

    Here’s the solution!
    Have us all sign a form, like I do for scuba diving, that we all realize there could be diseases(flu is killing people too, just now being lied about under Covid numbers) on board and we don’t hold Disney liable. It’s that simple! No masks! No limited entertainment! No changes. We are all adults and can protect ourselves if we want to. Just don’t cruise! Or you wear a mask so my cough doesn’t get to your face. It’s that simple. Let us decide!

  41. Courtney

    Yes! This! I’m so confused at how many people seem to be assuming ALL of the changes above will be executed. The point of the survey, I’m sure, is to throw out all of the possible limitations/changes to assess what is and isn’t a dealbreaker for most and how and when they can resume cruising.

  42. John Karpiscak

    I paid 15k for early 2021 and right with you if it comes to that.
    – No masks
    – Direct character interactions
    – dining and theater as always
    – NO CHANGE in itinerary
    – buffet as always.

  43. John Karpiscak

    Carnival Booze Cruise? My wife and I came to the same conclusion. We’re still planning on sailing in early 2021 so there may be time to fix things.

  44. Wendy

    Limiting capacity on the ship (only using veranda state rooms for example…so everyone has access to fresh air…as I’ve heard other cruise lines are discussing) is probably the biggest thing Disney can do. A lot of the other social distancing/capacity issues take care of themselves if there aren’t as many people on the ship. The question becomes whether Disney can make enough money to justify starting up if this is the case. I agree if they take away shows/deck parties/other entertainment, the ship just becomes a floating hotel room and I will have better options for my vacation dollars. I love DCL and hope at the end of this we can go back to “normal”. If that means waiting a year or two to cruise again, so be it. We’re on the EBPC in November, but anticipating it will be cancelled. If it isn’t, we’ll use the new flexibility option to push it out. Sounds like the restrictions will be too tight at the onset and a lot of the fun will be taken away. So sad.

  45. Valerie

    Jennifer…what about the crew. Should they be expected to sign a waiver as well?! You have not given a solution. You have given a “me first option” that devalues the health and safety of others.That is absolutely selfish and ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  46. Alan

    I am onboard 100% of everything they listed. Zero problems wearing a mask. I am all for it. Zero problems with onlyDCL excursions. This way the control were you go to help decrease exposure and they can have health and wellness protocols for each vendor and can hold them to a standard. Yup Oo see nothing wrong here while everyone else does. good. Less people cruising means better chance of getting to do what I want to reserve.

  47. Elizabeth

    I’m gonna cancel. If I read this correctly only letting people of at ports who book excursions. Please I always get my hair braided in Nassau and pick up souvenirs. There putting all these restrictions and still want us to buy excursions just so we can get off the ship NO!!!!!!!

  48. Bill

    There is an awful amount of self privilege and entitlement in these comments.

    Don’t want to wear a mask, don’t go. Nearly none of you mentioned or even thiugh about the Crew when it comes to your vacation etc.

    Forget about what YOU want, what about the Crew. Those that put in their time, are separated from their families, all to provide you that experience

  49. Bunny

    The single most important change for me will be requiring negative Covid tests for all guests and crew upon embarkation. Second most important will be masks (I’ve gotten used to them). With those two changes, I can put up with the temporary inconveniences until a vaccine or effective treatment is found.

  50. jerry292

    I don’t care about masks on embarkation (probably a good idea since it’s always a zoo anyway) or even while inside the ship. But out on the open deck if socially distanced, I don’t really see the point. If you are sitting on a lounge chair six feet away from everyone and reading a book, you have to wear a mask? That’s just plain stupid.

  51. Thomas J Opperman

    The whole situation just stinks and I can’t imagine the strain on disney cast and crew members who have lost their jobs and really need the industry floating again. I don’t mind the masks. I wonder if Disney just did days at sea with stops in castaway would that help protect the customers and staff by keeping everyone contained to those already on the ship and not exposing the ship to other ports and exposures. Just a thought. But for me a not so great Disney cruise is still better then a good day in this corrupt, over taxed, and COVID saturated state we call New Jersey. Good sailing everyone.

  52. Tammie

    This is the second reply like that. She is not saying she should be excempt, but that a vacation that expensive should feel like a vacation and not miserable. If that is not how she wants to experience her vacation, why are people vilifying her?

  53. Tammie

    We won’t either. Not because we don’t care about others, yada yada. It is because that is not how we choose to experience our cruise.

  54. JSBV

    Totally understand those that are OK with masks and understand the need for safety for crew and fellow passengers. Not being selfish, not being self serving, not being me first, but wearing a mask is not a vacation for us. We would cancel.

  55. Jill

    We’re on the Fantasy 11/28 Merrytime cruise and I got the survey. Ours is an 8 night southern cruise and I did say I would not keep it if they shortened it to 3 to 5 nights even with credits, etc. I booked this trip for the 8 nights and the ports. 🙁


    Once DCL starts sailing again, my fear is that DCL will tell guests that certain entertainment items will not take place due to crowds forming, and as time goes by they will bring ‘some’ of these back, but not all to save money. I’ve read articles that states Disney has chipped away at their offerings a little at a time at both their theme parks & cruise ships. DCL has already done this: 1) No longer offers the cabin credit when booking a placeholder while onboard; 2) No longer offers a cabin credit when paying with the Disney VISA Card; 3) No longer offers the evening chocolate buffet on 7 night saliings; 4) No longer offers a full buffet on Pirate Night (it is a ‘very small’ buffet compared to years ago); 5) Continues to take guest spaces away to be used for high paying concierge guests; 6) Continues to raise the fee to dine at Palo and Remy; 7) Continues to raise the price of the cruise each year while doing the above. Mark my words, DCL WILL chip away at what they offer onboard while continuing their high prices to save money (especially when they have been losing so much money due to the virus).

  57. Keith Kramar

    With those restrictions, the magic of Disney and cruising is gone! I keep pushing our booking out waiting for a hard line copy of the protocol to make a decision to rebook or cancel completely. Not sure how the industry will sustain.

  58. Elizabeth

    I would sail with all the exclusions, but the price must be commensurate with what is being offered! For every item that is removed, the original price must go down. For large inconveniences such as long waits to use the elevator, eat food, and use the pool, an equal discount must be reflected in the total price. If we may only book Disney excursions, there must be a discount offered to compensate those who would have used cheaper companies or simply shopped and enjoyed the beach off-boat. A puny $250 credit is an INSULT. Even with the substantial loss of revenue to these allowances, just filling the boat will cause people to buy alcohol, fancy dinners, souvenirs, excursions; and the ball will get rolling. Its better than keeping everything shut down completely, dealing with thousands of rebooting, and Very Angry customers for years to come. How Disney handles this disaster will make or break family loyalty in the brand for Generations to come.

  59. Troy

    You’re spot on Elizabeth. I don’t think dcl is worried tho about dropping prices bc they know that we’re nowhere close to actually sailing again. Spring 2021, maybe? Until things start moving again, I think dcl is just keeping the status quo. Whenever cruising does resume (post vaccine) then many of the things u mentioned should be back on the table, and dcl can keep their pricing standard.

  60. Lin Karpiscak

    I totally agree! We’re paying close to $14,000 for my husband and I plus my daughter and granddaughter, (in one stateroom). Last time we sailed, it took my granddaughter a couple of days to try out the kids’ club. She loved it and went as much as possible after that. She’s really looking forward to going a lot during our cruise. And we wouldn’t even consider a cruise that is fewer than our scheduled 7 night cruise. Hopefully, things will improve by Feb, but I’m not counting on it.

  61. Minnie’s Cheese Fridge

    100% agree to your comment . All necessary safety measures , but I’d postpone my DC for now until covid is curbed. I want the full experience , which is why I’m paying $$$.

  62. Cora

    I completely agree!! That is an awesome idea! I am currently saving up for a cruise but might end up changing my mind if this mask stuff lasts much longer. I for sure won’t be traveling with them if they require proof of vaccine, because, just like the flu shot, I will not be getting it!

  63. Rita M. Higgins

    Just made a reservation for cruising in November – 2022 talked to Jameron and he was very courteous and tended to all of my needs and questions he was the greatest member
    that I have had in a loong time. Thanks and kudos to you – you made my day.


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