VIDEO: A Look at Disney Cruise Line’s Port Canaveral Terminal 8 Exterior Construction

On Monday, June 15, 2020, we took a drive around CT 8, Disney Cruise Line’s terminal at Port Canaveral to see the progress on the exterior renovations which have been underway for the last few months.

Renderings for the Cruise Terminal 8 renovation project were first revealed in October 2018. Prior to the shutdown, plans were in place to shift embarkation/debarkation to Cruise Terminal 10 to allow construction crews to work continuously, instead of just on non-ship days.

The improvements at CT-8 include a new luggage screening building, renovation of the first and second floor of the main building, a new ADA ramp, a new arrivals area, IT and electrical improvements, site improvements including the extension of the drop-off area. According to a recent update from the port, substantial completion is expected by April 2021.

UPDATE: As of the June 2020 Port Canaveral Board Meeting, the Contractor has completed the demolition at existing plaza, parking lot and is progressing with the interior demoliton. Pile installation at the extended arrival hall is completed. Twenty-one auger piles were installed in that area. Contractor will proceed with chipping they piles and and then with grade beams. Contractor will proceed with the pile installation on the north side. The foundations for the extended drop-off canopy will be completed by mid-June. Water line and storm drain pipes installation are at 60% completed. The communications conduit rough-in is at 30% in the first floor.

ODP process continues and CPA is following closely the seating purchase to secure the delivery and installation before the shutdown is completed.

Additional details about the expansion can be reviewed with our coverage on Disney Cruise Line’s 20-year operating agreement which was approved in May 2019.

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  1. Paul T

    Scott, Nice video and pictures, However, you ruined our weekend (LOL) We were going to take ride this weekend to see it. We are getting very bored in fort Myers. Now we have to come up a new plan

  2. Lisa Lake

    You should still come and check out the brand new Terminal by Jetty Park. Most of the restaurants and bars are open at Port Canaveral. Stay safe and have fun!


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