The Bahamas Prohibiting Disembarkation for Anyone Who Visited Mainland China in Past 20 Days Due to Coronavirus Threat

Guests sailing on the Disney Dream received a letter in their stateroom regarding a newly initiated travel restriction in The Bahamas as a result of the Coronavirus threat.

The notice states, “The Bahamas will NOT allow anyone to disembark in a Bahamian port of call if they have been to mainland China in the past 20 days.

For Disney Cruise Line guests, this will apply to Nassau, and Castaway Cay.

The complete letter distributed to guests is below thanks to @CoryWDW.

DCL Stateroom Coronavirus Letter Bahamas 20200131

This comes on the heels of Disney Cruise Line’s, as well as other lines associated with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), who are now prohibiting guests from boarding if they have traveled from or through mainland China in the past 14-days.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

8 Replies to “The Bahamas Prohibiting Disembarkation for Anyone Who Visited Mainland China in Past 20 Days Due to Coronavirus Threat”

  1. Cathy

    Does this mean you need a passport to disembark at Bahama’s? Also how does this protect against infection from people who hold 2 passports and perhaps doesn’t have it marked in the passport they are using for the trip. This all boils down to hoping people are honest.

  2. JFB

    This is actually causing a big issue for crew members as well. Many Asian employees were transiting through China/Hong Kong and are now asking to be rebooked through other airports. Employees from mainland China are also hesitant to go back home in between contracts given the new restrictions

    1. James Arthur

      Agreed. It would be an even bigger issue if the Bahamas increase the restrictions to their territorial waters. Thankfully, for cargo, it can take longer then 20 days to transit from China to the Bahamas. If the USA enacts similar restrictions, it will slow down the faster ships going to West coast ports.

  3. James Arthur

    TBH, The cruise lines need to start taking people’s temperature before they go thru security as part of the normal screening process.

  4. Ashley Massie

    I just contacted Disney about a placeholder that I paid in May of 2018, which allows my family to book a cruise aboard Disney within 24 months, while the $250 placeholder applies to the final price and we receive a 10% discount. Unfortunately with the current Coronavirus outbreak my family and I would be forced to travel in a flying petri dish for thousands of miles and then spend over 160hours with thousands of other travelers risking that they completed the questionnaire with 100% truth as to not jeopardize my daughters life. I am appalled that a company such as Disney that has amassed its fortune worth over $100billion from families trying to create lifetime experiences is refusing to allow me to extend my commitment for a few more months to allow officials to hopefully find a way to protect us from this deadly virus before we cruise. I was not asking for a refund, nor to be compensated in any way. I was simply asking that they allow my family to remain in our current environment by not exposing us to thousands of travelers from all over the world and extend our benefits of the placeholder by a few months for doctors to find a way to mitigate our risks. Blown away and disappointed. My choices = use the discount I rightfully secured 2 years ago, and put my family at risk of contracting a deadly virus that has placed similar cruise liners on quarantine and exposed travelers to confirmed cases of coronavirus, or give in to the idea that I just loaned DISNEY $250 of my personal savings for 2 years and that this deadly virus was just bad timing and walk away. It seems the multiple Disney cruises we have gone on over the past 5 years were in fact not worth the inflated Disney price for the experience as they have now shown their true colors, we are no more than a number to them, or many numbers (as long as there is a dollar sign in front).

    1. Kathy

      that is really disappointing. We have a cruise booked in July and we are going to cancel before final payment if this virus doesn’t get under control. We only have 6 weeks to final payment so chances are that we will be canceling or rescheduling for next summer.

  5. Ramona Chapman

    My brother and hid wife both exited the Wonder on Friday March 20, both not feeling well. Flew home on Saturday, got sicker during the night and early Sunday am were taken to hospital by ambulance, admitted to hospital. Within 2 days in ICU with this virus. they were in good health when they left. Both died on April ! within 6 hours of each other. They were both 72 married 50 years. They were buried yesterday without our family unable to attend because we live in Alabama and Georgia, It is a nightmare we cannot wake up from. It infuriates me the Wonder knew before they left port they had a problem on board.

  6. Ashley

    Oh my goodness Ramona! I am so sorry to hear about your family. We had a recent death in the family and during these times it makes it so hard to celebrate life with family or mourn a passing with respect. I hope you and your family can be together safely once this virus subsides and I wish there was more that could have been done for your brother and his wife. I was on the phone with Disney again on Monday and they still had the same response and would not extend my placeholder, only refund it. Disney seems to be very reactive and not extremely proactive in this situation, even compared to other cruise lines, which is what will continue to manifest this virus and killer.

    Wishing comfort, peace and safety during this time for you and all of your loved family and friends.


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