Castaway Cay Merchandise Offerings – Fall 2019

During our fall 2019 voyage aboard the Disney Dream I attempted to take photos of all the merchandise available at the two shops on Castaway Cay, Buy the Seashore and She Sell Sea Shells and Everything Else. The majority of the merchandise offered on Disney’s private island is not available onboard the ships.

The stores offer different selections, so it is worth the time to browse the selection at each. Basically, if you see it on the island and it is something you want buy it as you will not be able to buy it onboard. Additionally, the Gold & Platinum Castaway Club merchandise discount does not apply to merchandise purchased on the island.

She Sells Sea Shells …and Everything Else

She Sells Sea Shells And Everything Else Castaway Cay

She Sell Sea Shells …and Everything Else is next to the Mt Rustmore photo op, and across from the first aid center.

Buy the Seashore

Castaway Cay Merchandise Buy Seashore

Buy the Seashore is located at the second tram stop making it convenient to stop on your way to and from the ship.

This shop happens to be located at the start/finish line of the Castaway Cay 5k and what do all good attractions have at the exit or in this case at the finish line… A gift shop! Here you will find a wide selection of runDisney Castaway Cay 5k merch.

That rounds out our merchandise tour of Castaway Cay. I did not include photos from the Bahamian Retail store which offers Bahamian arts and crafts since it is not run by DCL and does not have Disney merchandise. This article was follow up to our previous onboard merchandise post from the same voyage.

What do you think about this batch of Castaway Cay merchandise?

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