Disney Cruise Line Merchandise Preview

The mega Disney Cruise Line merchandise post you didn’t know you wanted is here. The following merchandise preview is from an October cruise on the Disney Dream. Most of the merchandise I would call general, and should be available fleet wide and some of the merchandise may even become available online from shopDisney.

I’m calling the following group the Cruise collections due to the prominent cruise text on the various items.

The current Disney Cruise Line Dooney & Bourke patterns.

There is a really cool mini magnet set with 4 Mickey anchors and 4 DCL logos.

Disney Dream Merchandise Mini Magnets

This next collection I’m calling the Minnie Mouse collection because I am not very good at coming up with creative names for merchandise.

Minnie Mouse Ear headbands are taking over the world one head at at time and you can find some exclusive Disney Cruise Line styles onboard that you will not find on land until the make it to the outlets for under $10, or at a premium on the eBay.

While on the subject of outlets, the man that single handily ruined the outlets, Derek Burgan recently did an exposé on the sticky notes. The set from the Minnie collection are more like decorative stickers than notepads, whereas the other set below are actually practical.

If I were a collector, I’d be all over this amazing diorama of the Disney Dream’s stern, but I really don’t want to chase the set. Solid collectable for only $20!

Another set of ship specific merchandise inspired by the ship’s stern and bow design include a square-ish coffee mug, itinerary t-shirts, and door magnets

Looking for some drink ware? There are a number of Tervis Tumbler designs (pictured in various areas on this page). Some new items included a Mickey Anchor bottle opener and bottle stopper. A silicon insulated cup with lid is the perfect item that should be forced upon everyone walking around ship with their stateroom rocks glasses full of wine.

Over in Mickey’s Mainsails there was an entire wall of girls clothing featuring a mix of DCL and character designs.

A new Disney Cruise Line necktie and matching socks are floating around the shops.

You can call Minnie the Captain with this shirt!

Disney Dream Merchandise Captain Minnie

The awesome ship specific Spirit Jerseys released in the later part of the summer were nowhere to be found, but these Captain and Sailor version were listed as new arrivals.

Whoever came up with the idea to display all the shirt designs on the wall deserves a free cruise of their choice. Not only does it make it easy to look take photos of merchandise, but it makes it easy to find something that appeals to your taste. Plus, it saves the Merchandise Cast Members so much time from having to clean up after guest who look at a design and throw the shirt back on the rack or table unfolded.

Sailing to The Bahamas, naturally Helly Hansen coats are in hot demand. I don’t even recall seeing these on the Wonder in Alaska over the summer. Did they have these on the Magic during the second half of the summer? Still, not a bad coat to have for the fall depending on where you live.

The following groups of photos are the various Disney Cruise Line logo or nautical clothing items available.

Last but not least, are the sundry items, the random items such as medicine or sunscreen you may find yourself needing during the cruise. On special nights, the Dramamine is readily available at the registers.

One more thing… For anyone looking for a Beach Club Resort pin, there was an entire hanger full of them on the Disney Dream in October.

Disney Dream Merchandise Beach Club Resort Pin

Coming up, I will be sharing a look at the merchandise available on Castaway Cay.

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  1. Melissa Sakauye

    Any idea where I can get this Dream diorama? I have the other 3 and would love the one from the Dream!!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I am not sure if these are still for sale. If they are still available to purchase, they’d be exclusively sold onboard. You could also search the big auction website, but you may end up paying more than the original retail price.


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