Disney Working with Bahamian Contractors Association in Search of Bahamian Subcontractors to Work on the Lighthouse Point Project

Disney Cruise Line is working with the Bahamian Contractors association to maximize the use of Bahamian subcontractors on the Lighthouse Point development according to a recent report by Eyewitness News.

Disney is coordinating efforts with the Bahamian Contractors Association to maximize the participation of Bahamian subcontractors on the project, according to its December newsletter.

“To maximize the participation of Bahamian subcontractors in the work, Disney is coordinating with the Bahamian Contractors Association and Bahamas Society of Engineers to hold information sessions where Bahamian companies can meet one-on-one with the design/build bidders.”

Jeff Vahle – President, Disney Signature Experiences

Disney invited more than 70 Bahamian companies that expressed interest in the Lighthouse Point project to the information session along with any others interested in working on the project. The sessions were held in Eleuthera on December 10th, and on back to back days December 11th and 12th in Nassau.

To date, three companies have been invited to submit bids for the overall design and construction.

Earlier this month, Disney hired ENCO International Bahamas Limited to perform geotechnical investigations on the Lighthouse Point property in an effort to determine the most appropriate building techniques to use pending the acceptance of the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan.

The Eyewitness News report mentions the Environmental Impact Assessment is nearing completion. Vahle told the press, Disney has has spent two years working hand in hand with a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists and other professionals to complete a comprehensive EIA.

“When the EIA is submitted in the near future, it will be based on extensive field work, robust data collection and analysis, direct engagement with those who have studied the site and species observed there, and an exhaustive review of available literature,”

Jeff Vahle – President, Disney Signature Experiences

The terms of the Head of Agreement Disney signed with The Bahamian Government stipulates construction can only commence when the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) have been completed, review and approved by the BEST Commission and any other Relevant Government Agencies.

DCL Lighthouse Point Beach D23 Expo

Disney’s development of Lighthouse point is estimated to be in the range of $250 million to $400 million US dollars. The development will include the following:

  • Construction of the Pier, Berth and Marina
  • Dining and beverage facilities for the sale of alcoholic beverages, merchandise and retail facilities for the sale of goods and services, spa facilities, aquatics and recreational facilities;
  • Beach expansion, enhancements and improvements
  • Themed buildings and themed elements, play areas, attractions and structures
  • Maintenance and utility plants and facilities
  • Employee dining, housing and recreation facilities

Disney will work with The Bahamas Government and Bahamian historians, artists and cultural experts to integrate Bahamian voices and artistic expression in the design of the Project, making it a reflection of The Bahamas, rooted in local stories and traditions.

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