Castaway Cay 5k Entry & Premium Package Available to Book Online

Earlier this fall, Disney Cruise Line offered guests the ability to reserve a spot in the Castaway Cay 5k via their My Cruise Reservations > My Plans > Add Activities component for Castaway Cay days. However, the options to book the Castaway Cay 5k are not necessary where you’d expect them to be, under Port Adventures. The Castaway Cay 5k options are listed under Onboard Fun.

DCL My Plans Onboard Fun

The Castaway Cay 5K is offered weather permitting when you visit Disney’ Castaway Cay. You will make your way past swaying palms as you run or walk along the air strip to the observation tower and take the lead past sweeping shorelines to the finish line. All finishers receive an exclusive Disney Castaway Cay 5K medal.

Before the event, Disney will have you complete a required release waiver to participate. Once signed, you’ll receive a Castaway Cay 5K race bib and will be asked to review the 5K course during your cruise. Please be sure to check the Personal Navigator or the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app for more information, including specific times and location information once onboard.

DCL Castaway Cay 5k Logo

On race day, meet on Disney Castaway Cay at the bike rentals location approximately 20 minutes after the ship docks. Your leader will escort you to the starting line. Again, double check the navigator for any meeting location changes.

Although there is a running timer at the star/finish line, the 5K challenge is NOT timed, consider this simply as a fun run. The course is easy to follow as there are markers and Crew Members stationed along the course. Once completed, you can celebrate with an exclusive Disney Cruise Line Castaway Cay 5K medal.

Pro tip, if you normally run with music, make sure the music is downloaded to whatever device you are using to play music. Streaming music isn’t the best option even if you have an international data plan as the service is not always reliable.

It is important to remember, the Castaway Cay 5K is not part of the runDisney Castaway Cay Challenge taking place during Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. For more information on this challenge, please visit runDisney.

For everyone’s safety, bicycles or similar 2-wheeled devices; skateboards; scooters, including knee scooters; in-line skates, roller skates or shoes with wheels; strollers and jogging strollers; baby carriers; baby backpacks or similar devices; and/or any electric or powered mobility devices are not permitted. Guests with mobility disabilities wishing to participate must use a push rim wheelchair and be able to propel themselves. The Castaway Cay 5k is for Guests 10 years of age and above.

Castaway Cay 5k Premium Package – $59.99

DCL Onboard Fun Castaway Cay 5k Sign Up Booking

In addition to booking the run online, Disney is offering guests the option of purchasing a Castaway Cay 5k Premium Package for $59.99 to further commemorate your island race experience. Again, this is listed in the same Onboard Fun area as the Castaway Cay 5k sign-up, and not the Onboard Gifts & Amenities page.

DCL Castaway Cay 5k Premium Package

The Castaway Cay 5k Premium Package includes the complimentary race sign-up and finisher medal, along with an exclusive Disney Castaway Cay 5K cinch sack, water bottle and hat which at this time are only available when pre-booking online ahead of the sailing. According to the offering’s description, the Castaway Cay 5K exclusive merchandise package will be delivered to your stateroom on the second day of your voyage.

Once the Castaway Cay 5k Premium Packages is added, it will show up in your list of actives for the day at Castaway Cay.

DCL My Plans Castaway Cay 5k Premium Package

Sometimes with new offerings, not everything as it appears so I did a little trial and error to verify the Castaway Cay 5k run sign-up was included in the premium package. Basically, I wanted to verify the premium package was not just an add-on selection requiring guests to sign-up for the run separately as DCL’s live chat suggested.

I discovered, once a guest registers for the run only, or the premium package the opposite selection is no longer offered and the time will be greyed out.

DCL Onboard Fun Castaway Cay 5k Sign Up Booking Conflict

Scott, why did you waste your time? This is obvious one or the other, not both. Silly, I know, but if you use any of Disney’s websites to book stuff they are not always as one would expect.

What do you think about the new Castaway Cay 5k Premium Package? Have you signed up for the 5k online before the cruise? Please share in the comments below any details from your experience pre-booking the race, or let us know what you think about the actual merchandise included with the premium package race add-on.

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10 Replies to “Castaway Cay 5k Entry & Premium Package Available to Book Online”

  1. gimpycolon

    I would pay $60.00 for an on island breakfast buffet after the race. I seriously would. I usually have a piece of fruit, run the race, jump into the water, and then STARVE until lunch time. I know I can get back on the ship, but I’m already set for the day with all my stuff. It would be awesome to hit some breakfast after I run right there on the island.

  2. Andrew Stone

    When I ran it last week the hat was available on the island, so just the bottle and the sack would be exclusive. They had plenty of 5k merch at the finish that was much nicer then the stuff in the premium pack, including an actual running hat. They never offered us the premium pack at all, btw.

      1. James Arthur

        I saw the water bottle on the Black Friday cruise, the hat and a different version of the drawstring bag. I suspect DCL was not selling enough of the water bottles and hats on the island, so they made a special package.

  3. Amy

    I was told by DCL chat that the merchandise package isn’t available for purchase until sailings at the end of January 2020.

  4. Art M.

    Thanks for Information. The family agreed we would do this 5K on our up coming trip. This saves me the trip to Guest Services. I thought about the package items but I’m sure there will be other stuff my kiddos will want while we are on the boat.

  5. James A

    For some reason the 5K run booking (not the premium) is sold out for the Feb 8 Fantasy cruise. I didn’t think they capped numbers. Odd.

  6. Jim

    Hi Scott – any idea why the 5K (free one) is fully booked on the Feb 8th, Fantasy cruise. Have they capped the number of participants?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Not sure. I have not heard of any caps, but theoretically, there could be a cap in the booking software they are using. I would try calling to see if they can add it to your reservation over the phone.