Online Ordering Now Available for Disney Cruise Line’s Onboard Gifts and Amenities

Users can now browse available products by departure port without reservation number.

Disney Cruise Line’s Onboard Gifts and Amenities can now be ordered online instead of by phone and fax making it easy to enhance your next Disney Cruise vacation. We first learned about Disney Cruise Line’s planned transition to online ordering last week, but at that time they did not offer a go live date.

Disney’s Onboard Gifts and Amenities online order page is now live and offers a range of items such as food, gifts, stateroom decor, and onboard credit.

DCL Onboard Gifts Amenities Product Categories

You can also search by theme such as graduation, birthdays, adult-exclusive, sail away, Disney Characters, Marvel and Star Wars.

DCL Onboard Gifts Amenities Product Themes

At launch, Senses Spa & Salon Rainforest Room day passes are not yet available to order online, however, we did hear they will eventually be added the the online ordering catalog.

Disney’s new gifts and amenities page has a similar look and feel to allowing guests as well as friends and family to order items for upcoming voyages.

DCL Onboard Gifts Amenities All Products
DCL Onboard Gifts Amenities Beer Wine

The online ordering process is pretty straightforward and payment is required at the time you order.

DCL Onboard Gifts Amenities Product Details Page
DCL Onboard Gifts Amenities Shopping Bag

You can use a credit card, Disney Gift Card, or a Disney rewards card to complete the purchase.

DCL Onboard Gifts Amenities Checkout

After you order, you will receive an email confirmation at the email address provided during checkout. At this time, Emily who is the primary guest did not receive an email, even though the email addressed Emily by name, indicating to me Disney Cruise Line will not ruin any surprise gift orders as long as you enter an email address not associated with the email address associated with the reservation.

DCL Onboard Gifts Amenities Email Order Confirmation

In order to make your voyage more memorable or add some magic to your friend’s or family’s upcoming cruise with stateroom gifts and amenities you will need to visit Disney Cruise LIne’s Gifts & Amenities page and know the reservation number and the last name associated with the reservation. At this time, the link to the gift and amenities page from Disney Cruise Line’s My Reservation page does not pre-populate or skip the link reservation screen forcing you to manually enter the reservation number and last name. This poses an even bigger problem for friends and family looking to order a surprise gift for someone because, it is not a common question to ask someone for their reservation number. Presumably, this is why Disney offers the following phone number for assistance (800) 601-8455.

Disney Cruise Line lists on nearly every page that all cake orders must be placed no later than 7 days prior to the sail date, and all other orders must be placed no later than 3 days prior to the sail date. Last, but not least, you will no longer have the option to fax or mail in gift orders.

Disney released the following important information regarding the new online ordering:

  • Anyone wishing to view, or order, merchandise available on a given sailing must have the reservation number and last name of a Guest sailing to access the Disney Cruise Line Onboard Gifts site.
  • Reservations booked in foreign currency cannot view, or order from, the online catalog.
  • Alcohol cannot be purchased if the Lead Guest in the reservation is not 21 or older.
  • Not all items offered by Disney Cruise Line will be available for online purchase. Onboard Credits are visible online, but cannot be purchased online.
  • Once completed, orders can only be modified or cancelled through the Disney Cruise Line Contact Center. All requests must follow the appropriate item order/cancellation deadline policy.

Additionally, Disney Cruise Line added a ‘Before You Can Board’ section to the My Reservations page providing guests with essential, itinerary-specific information related to citizenship documentation, what to pack, ship contact information, travel delays and much more.

DCL My Reservations Before You Board


I heard through the grapevine that the Disney Cruise Rainforest day passes will NOT be added to the online catalog and they will NOT be available to pre-purchase.

Translation: rainforest day passes will ONLY be available to purchase onboard

What do you think about the change to online ordering of Gifts and Amenities? 

22 Replies to “Online Ordering Now Available for Disney Cruise Line’s Onboard Gifts and Amenities”

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I’ve been told it should be added to the online catalog in the future. Others have reported they were able to call and order it over the phone.

      UDPATE – I was told unofficially, that it will not be making the catalog and that it will only be available onboard as of Friday May 17th.

  1. Becky

    I was going to treat myself and order the Tiffany necklace ahead of time so it isn’t on our stateroom bill. I don’t see that available on there. Maybe I can call and get it….

  2. Rosaline

    This is so awesome and way more convenient! Sadly though, it looks like Fairytale Cuvée has been officially dropped from DCL. 🙁

  3. Karl

    We booked from the uk for the 8 night cruise leaving Oct 19th 2019, our youngest is 11 that day and wanted to have stateroom decorated and also for extras for ourselves, but no can’t even see what’s available to buy. Is there anyway that this will change so we can see what stuff we’d like to get?

      1. Karl

        All we get each time we enter the reservation number and last name is……..

        Your cruise reservation cannot be located as entered. Please try again or call (800) 601-8455 for assistance. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.

        1. Scott Sanders Post author

          Grr… I’m looking around and so far, I cannot find a workaround to view the gifts. I will continue to look at various options, but I fear the only resolution will be for Disney to open up the search by Ship and Sail Date then required you to call or enter an actual reservation number when it comes to booking.

          1. Karl

            That looks like the only thing Disney can do, could cost them a fair bit of business leaving it how it is.

    1. Peter

      No it was booked in Pounds so I guess that’s the problem. Unfortunately Disney’s IT and online systems have always sucked (they are still using the domain years after it became irrelevant) so this doesn’t surprise me combined with the fact the UK seems to be an overlooked market for Disney Cruises it’s not surprising they couldn’t make it so people from the UK could pay in USD on the gift site.

      1. Karl

        We booked in pounds also and have the same problem, I wouldn’t mind phoning my order through but can’t even view what’s available now.

  4. Karl

    This is what DCL said regarding it if you didn’t book in U.S Dollars……..

    Caitlin Shoopman (Disney Cruise Line)
    Jul 1, 11:45 AM EDT

    Dear Karl,

    Thank you for your email to Disney Cruise Line.

    I would be happy to assist you!

    At this time, our online site is not able to display the Gifts & Amenities items without entering a reservation number that is valid for online purchases. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause and are working hard to bring this feature to all of our Guests.

    When you contact us via phone, our Cruise Vacation Agents will be happy to review the available items and their costs.

    Here are the dates for ordering all Gift Amenities (including onboard credits, food & wine, spa, and pre-purchase merchandise or beverages):

    Sailing on Sunday, order by Thursday (close of business)
    Sailing on Monday, order by Friday (close of business)
    Sailing on Tuesday, order by Saturday (close of business)
    Sailing on Wednesday, order by Sunday (close of business)
    Sailing on Thursday, order by Monday (close of business)
    Sailing on Friday, order by Tuesday (close of business)
    Sailing on Saturday, order by Wednesday (close of business)

    I hope this information has been helpful. If you require further assistance with any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

    We look forward to sailing with you!

    Have a Magical Day!

    Email Communications Agent
    Disney Cruise Line

  5. Jessica

    I got in touch with DCL to ask about Rainforest Room passes…1) They’ve DOUBLED in price to $29 pre tax and tip 2) They could be ordered over the phone and 3) The person I spoke to could not confirm if they would be available as a length of cruise purchase on the ship. I said I would be very disappointed if we missed out, but in the past there was always a couples pricing option, but she could not confirm if this would be available for purchase.

    Do you think these will be going away? Its our favorite thing to do onboard, I would hate to lose that amenity. Anyone on recent sailings able to confirm the passes were offered on the first day?

    1. Karl

      Make a booking for any stateroom on a cruise for when around the time you are going make sure it’s in U.S dollars and just put it on hold for 72 hours. Use this booking reference to view what is available to order then phone the order through for the actual cruise your going on. It’s the only way we could view what there was to order before phoning up to place the order for the actual cruise we have booked.
      Not perfect but at least you can view the products available.


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