Disney Wonder 2019 Dry Dock Enhancements Highlights

Director of Entertainment Operations Christiaan Abbott took a minute to provide a closer look at recently enhanced Disney Wonder.

DCL Wonder Dry Dock Christiaan Abbott

From the French Quarter Lounge, where the wonderful world of Princess Tiana comes to life, to spaces exclusively built for adults and teens in the Cove Café and Vibe, several areas on the ship were reimagined and are delighting families as we speak! 


DCL Wonder Dry Dock Vibe 1

Cove Cafe

French Quarter Lounge

Have you been on the Disney Wonder to experience the enhancements? What did you think?

6 Replies to “Disney Wonder 2019 Dry Dock Enhancements Highlights”

  1. Maureen

    I get why they created the French quarter lounge, but as someone who has cruised with a toddler, we used the Toddler Time area at the end of the Promenade lounge on a daily basis.

  2. BartmanLA

    From my understanding, that area has been moved upstairs on Deck 4 into the D-Lounge, so on evenings before dinner now you have to take your child completely away from where everyone has traditionally gathered prior to the dinner seating up on a non MDR deck so they can play and you can sit and have NO one to talk to other than other parents who bring their toddlers up. Real smart DCL! NOT!

  3. grtompkins

    I enjoyed the French Quarter Lounge and especially the hurricanes but only when the musicians were not playing. When they were playing it was too loud to have any conversation at all. I didn’t even want to be in the lounge at that time. I don’t remember the previous musicians being so loud that you couldn’t talk to each other when it was the Promenade lounge.

  4. Anthony

    Hands down this was our favorite spot to just spend time. From art classes over beignets and coffee, to live jazz and letting loose, we absolutely adored the French Quarter Lounge. Aesthetically, this area just exuded that Disney level of detail. Can’t wait to experience it again!


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