Disney Cruise Line Celebrates Female Crew Members and Officers on World Maritime Day 2019

Disney Cruise Line celebrated World Maritime Day by spotlighting the incredible female Crew Members and Officers onboard their ships. Disney Cruise Line is dedicated to empowering women at sea for the benefit of all of Crew Members and the maritime industry at large.

In the Disney Parks Blog post, the following video was shared showing the contribution of women at Disney Cruise Line from female officers.

Disney Cruise Line is committed to inspiring the next generation of female leaders in the maritime industry. Earlier this year, Disney Cruise Line announced that it will sponsor four scholarships at the LJM Maritime Academy for female cadets aspiring to become ship captains and shipboard leaders. The scholarships, one for each of the ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, will include tuition to the three-year program – two years of study at the academy and one year of service aboard a Disney ship.

DCL Maritime Day 2019

Other programs include the debut of Captain Minnie Mouse who will make the rounds on all Disney ships and visit port communities including those in The Bahamas. And later this year, Captain Minnie Mouse will also appear in an all-new, onboard youth activity being developed for Disney Cruise Line ships where young captain hopefuls will practice STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills in a fun, interactive marine-themed activity.

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