DCL’s Onboard Gifts and Amenities Adds Browsing By Departure Port Without Reservation Number

Back in May, Disney updated their Onboard Gifts and Amenities to an online only ordering system, but the new mini site required users to enter a valid reservation number just to browse the various offerings. A major inconvenience if you were shopping for a client, friends, or family sailing on an upcoming cruise.

You asked, and Disney Cruise Line listened! Disney Cruise Line’s Gifts & Amenities page has been updated to allow anyone to browse available gift options without using a reservation number!!!

DCL Onboard Gifts September Update

The new landing page offers users the option to Enter a Cruise Reservation or Browse by Departure Port. When selecting the latter, you will be promoted with a list of upcoming departure ports.

DCL Onboard Gifts September Update Browse By Port

Upon selecting a departure port, users will be directed to a list of all available gifts for that departure port. Additional filtering options shop by category and shop by theme will allow users to narrow their search. Keep in mind, when searching by port you are likely to see more items than if you search by reservation. For example, the Port Canaveral search displayed 90 products, but for an upcoming cruise on the Dream, I was presented with only 82 products.

DCL Onboard Gifts September Update Port Canaveral All

Keep in mind, you will still need a reservation number to make the purchase. This still makes it a bit challenging for users wishing to surprise someone because its not really commonplace to ask someone for their cruise reservation number. At this point it would be best to call DCL for assistance with online gifts at (407) 566-7000. All cake orders must be placed no later than 7 days prior to sail date. All other orders must be placed no later than 3 days prior to sail date.

The traditional method of browsing by reservation number and last name remains.

DCL Onboard Gifts September Update Browse By Reservation

What do you think about this change to online browsing of Gifts and Amenities?

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