Disney Wonder’s Canada Place Arrival Time-Lapse from the Pan Pacific Vancouver

In our Trip Report from the Disney Wonder’s 9-night Alaskan cruise, I mentioned waking up at 4 o’clock on embarkation day to start a time lapse recording of the Disney Wonder arriving at the Canada Place Cruise Terminal, and maneuvering into her berth.

Starting the recording at this early hour not only captured the Wonder’s arrival, but the sunrise. The video was recorded from our room at the Pan Pacific Vancouver. The time-lapse begins before sunrise at 4:03 AM and runs to around 11:20 AM.

For more please check out our trip report from the Disney Wonder’s 9-night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver.

3 Replies to “Disney Wonder’s Canada Place Arrival Time-Lapse from the Pan Pacific Vancouver”

  1. Denise S

    I really enjoyed this, just wonderful. Thanks for taking the time and all of your continued efforts allowing us to experience it. Incredible, fantastic hotel room assignment as well. Appreciate your sharing. Sailing on Southern July 27, 2019 wish I had skills like yours to be able to share as well. We are doing a B2B & sailing the 3 night August 7, 2019 so we can go to CC 2X, had to change rooms at that point but figure it could be worse right? Will share pics & stateroom reviews upon our return.

  2. William Dowis

    Nice Video. We actually stayed at the Pan Pacific and watched it come in also. We were a couple of doors down from your room. It was absolutely amazing to watch it come in. I just made us more excited to sail. That was absolutely the best cruise we have had. Cannot wait for the next one. Any thoughts on when the first new ship will sail and have availability? We want to do an inaugural cruise on it.


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