An Electrifying Liquid Sunshine Disney Dream Sail Away from Port Canaveral

During a recent DCL Blog Group Cruise aboard the Disney Dream, we had a special sail away gift from Mother Nature. Around the time of the muster drill, weather started to approach Port Canaveral from Central Florida. The skies turned grey, the wind intensified, and the rain quickly blanketed the area.

When the weather first arrived and the wind really picked up, nearby power lines crossing the 401 near the Charles M Rowland Dr bridge leaving Port Canaveral to arc. The arcs were intermittent for a few minutes and then went away when the wind calmed and the rain took over.

The following video shows the arrival of the storm and the Disney Dream’s sail away from Port Canaveral on June 19, 2014.

You can read more about this particular day in our Day 1 Trip Report.

2 Replies to “An Electrifying Liquid Sunshine Disney Dream Sail Away from Port Canaveral”

  1. Robin McConnell

    Hi Scott, hope I didn’t wreck any footage of the sailaway for you on the webcam; I promised my grandson I’d be waving. 🙂

    Robin (your stateroom neighbor)


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