Steel Cutting for First of Disney’s Three LNG-Powered Builds Scheduled to Start in November

During today’s Port Canaveral Commission Meeting, Captain John Murray, the port’s CEO revealed steel cutting for the first of Disney Cruise Line’s three new LNG-powered ships at Meyer Werft was scheduled to begin in November.

We also attended a HAZOP review of the Disney vessel. We meaning Barry Compagnoni (Port Canaveral’s Senior Director, Public Safety and Security) in Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. The Disney ship is yet to start construction. It was supposed to start steel cutting in November of this year, but they were doing a last oversee with the supplier, the (LNG) barge operator, Disney staff, and Barry (from Port Canaveral) just to make sure there is a plan in place before they start construction.

Port Canaveral CEO Captain John Murray – June 26, 2019
DCL Flag Meyer Werft 20181207

Disney has not yet named the new ships, but previous documents suggest the new builds are being built under the banner of Disney Triton. We suspect this is simply a project name, and not a vessel name.

20190123 Port Canaveral Project Triton Class CT10 Waterside Project

With the 2019 Walt Disney Company Annual Meeting of Shareholders coming and going without any cruise announcements, we suspect the next big opportunity to make a splash will be in August at the 2019 D23 Expo in Anaheim.

DCL 2021 2022 2023 New Construction Rendering

In years past, the D23 Expo has shared some exciting news about the Parks and Disney Cruise Line. With three Disney Cruise ships on order, we hope to hear more about these new builds during the 2019 D23 Expo. In fact, it was during the last expo when Disney announced they ordered a third cruise ship.

9 Replies to “Steel Cutting for First of Disney’s Three LNG-Powered Builds Scheduled to Start in November”

  1. Denise S

    Thank you Scott for keeping us posted. I can’t tell you how excited we are to have a new ship on the horizon. Enjoyed your recent trip reports as usual, Look forward to reading them every day, Stateroom 10166?? Inquiring minds desire a stateroom review, looking forward to the identity of that verandah. Have an amazing Day Sanders Family!!

  2. grtompkins

    As exciting as it will be to learn the new names, what I really want to know is WHERE are the new ships going to go?? I wish DCL would at least give us a little hint at what I’m hoping will be some exciting new itineraries. It’s so hard to keep waiting!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      2 are coming to Port Canaveral and will more than likely take over the routes of the Dream & Fantasy. The 3rd ship at Port Canaveral is slated to sail 5/5/4-night sailings based on what I saw in the operating agreement.

        1. BartmanLA

          It’s highly unlikely that DCL will base any ships in Asia or Australia, the Asian cruise market has been drying up for a while, many of the other carriers are re-assigning ships that were destined for the Asian market to European or Caribbean itineraries. The perception that Asians would flock to cruising for the gambling just hasn’t materialized like they had hoped and with DCL ships not having casino’s on board it makes that market even less attractive to that market.

  3. ASD

    Hmmm… with an average steel cutting start time to finish and delivery being 18± months, the first one of the three ships may not be delivered until May 2021. Is my math correct?

      1. BartmanLA

        Scott do you have any word if Meyer-Werft is going to offer a live webcam in the construction hall like they have for other ships? That would be neat to watch the construction!


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