Port Adventure Review: Bobsled Jamaica and Dunn’s River Falls (FA10)

Bobsled Jamaica and Dunn’s River Falls is a Disney Cruise Line Port Adventure offered in Falmouth, Jamaica. This particular excursion has been offered for years and we decided to check it out during our 2019 spring break cruise. Disney promotes the excursion as an opportunity to experience the rush of bobsledding at Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica and the surreal beauty of Dunn’s River Falls.

The Bobsled Jamaica and Dunn’s River Falls (FA10) port adventure is bookended by approximately a 1-hour drive from Falmouth to Ocho Rios, where other cruise lines dock when visiting Jamaica. I highly suggest encouraging everyone to take a restroom break before going to the designated port adventure meeting location on the ship. In our case aboard the Disney Fantasy, the meeting time was 7:15 AM in Enchanted Garden. The good news is each destination offers free restrooms. Additionally, you may want to bring some snacks, and something to keep everyone occupied during the drive if they are not interested in seeing the scenery along the way.

The overall group assembled in Enchanted Garden for our port adventure was very large, but once ashore we broke off into smaller groups. Each van had their own tour guide as well as a dedicated driver. I’m just mentioning the later because sometimes the driver doubles as the guide. This port adventure, like many we’ve experienced, allowed us to keep our belongings in the van during each stop. This is especially nice for an excursion that is split between a water activity and a land-based experience.

Bobsled Jamaica Dunns River Falls Tour Bus

I will warn you now, if you book this port adventure, be prepared to receive no less than 688 notifications, alerts, wave phone texts, and papers delivered to your stateroom with various reminders, warnings, and random legal disclaimers, okay!

Dunn’s River Falls

Upon arrival to the parking lot at Dunn’ River Falls, we were instructed by our guide to get ready and were encouraged to leave everything in the van. By get ready, she meant get ready to get in the water. Hats and sunglasses were discouraged but not prohibited. The climb up the falls is under a canopy which results in an abundance of shade. We left the van in our swim suits & trunks as if we were going directly into the ocean leaving shirts, towels, and everything else in the van. It is highly encouraged you wear you swimwear off the ship to avoid causing any delays to your group. In fact, I believe that was one of the notices. The other important requirement for climbing the falls is that your are required to wear proper water shoes, which I’ll touch on in when we get to the list of rules.

The ticketing area was rather busy the morning of our visit, but rest assured, the excursion bypasses these lines.

Dunn's River Falls Ticket Counter Entrance Line

We were given time to use the restroom while our guide picked up our entry wristbands.

Dunn's River Falls Entrance Restrooms

For day guests, the fee to enter is $23 for adults, and $15 for children (ages 4-12).

Dunn's River Falls Prices

Dunn’s River Falls is a natural feature, not a man-made attraction. It can be unpredictable, the water flow could vary from day to day to hour to hour. It is highly suggested that each person has some amount of agility to climb the falls which requires you to carefully place your feet on uneven, steep and wet terrain. Basically, you climb the falls at your own risk. There are no moose in Jamaica, but the sign out front should’ve told you.

Dunn's River Falls Welcome Warning Rules

In addition, those choosing to climb the falls are required to wear proper shoe attire, which must be stable, contain a rubber sole and cover your toes and heels. Suggestions include Teva-style sandals with a covered toe box or water shoes, which can be brought from home. Water shoes are available for for purchase at Dunn’s River Falls for somewhere around $10.

While reading up on Dunn’s River Falls, we saw a lot of people talking about Keens water shoes, and we each got a pair. They worked out great for the day. I would suggest finding a style of water shoes that do not have large openings as the basins in the falls are filled with small pebbles that are not comfortable when they get into your shoes.

Our guide expected everyone to arrive with shoes, but she did allow a few minutes to purchase water shoes if needed.

Dunn's River Falls Entrance Walkway

At this point, our group was instructed to meet our Dunn’s River Fall’s guide down by a tree.

Dunn's River Falls Entrance Walkway Shoe Pickup

This is a banyan tree, which you cannot miss.

Dunn's River Falls Assembly Point Banyan Tree

Our guide, who works at the Dunn’s River Falls (not our guide from the van) welcomed everyone and told us how have a safe climb.

Dunn's River Falls Assembly Point

To climb up the falls, you first need to climb down the stairs adjacent to the falls to the beach. At first, you think it is just a normal beach.

Dunn's River Falls Dr No Filming Location

However, once you turn around, James Bond fans will notice an iconic filming location from Dr. No. Ok, it looks a lot different than it did when the 1962 movie was filmed, but it’s cool think you are on the shores of Crab Key.

Dunn's River Falls James Bond Dr No
Dr. No (1962) Sean Connery & Ursula Andress

Each group also includes a videographer. The video and photos can be purchased at the end of the climb on your way out.

In order to have a safe time, we were told we will be holding the hand of the person in front and behind us, carefully taking one step at a time in one long chain.

Dunns River Falls Hand Holding

Our guide made sure that all children were between two adults which could mean for your group that you may be depending on someone you just met looking after your kid. Isabelle was between Emily and I, but we were also each responsible for another child.

Dunn's River Falls Guide Videographer
Dunn's River Falls Family Photo

During the climb, there are a number of great photo spots the videographer will stop at to take photos with their camera. It was commonplace to hand your camera off to the family behind you to take photos with your own camera.

Dunn's River Falls Back Massage Family Photo

600-feet later and we completed our climb of the world famous Dunn’s River Falls!  In March, I found the water to be cold, but in a way this was refreshing, not because it was hot in Jamaica, but because the cold water was instantly soothing each time you hit your ankle, or shin against a underwater rock.

Dunn's River Falls Congradulations

The climb was moderate at best. There were a few spots where the guide stood above us and helped pull us up a bigger step and there were times we broke the chain to get a better footing and hold while climbing a steeper area.

Keep in mind that the guide at the falls is not the same as your van. In our climb, our Dunn’s River Falls guide did a great job at making sure everyone in the group had a safe climb up the falls. I did not notice anyone stiffing our guide following our climb.

Dunn's River Falls Tipping Notice

However, on the way out you pass the photo tent where you can purchase printed photos and a copy of the video. I will tell you there is one single video that is available for each group – as in you could purchase 1 copy and share it amongst your entire group. If I recall correctly, the DVD was $40.

Dunn's River Falls Photo Video Sales

Our guide from the van met us to lead us back to the van. Before walking through the shops, she warned us to not take anything from any one as this is usually a gotcha scam and once you touch an item they will want to you buy it. The shopkeepers were not too happy about this as they confronted us and asked if the guide told us not to buy anything.

Dunn's River Falls Shops

We all made it through the gauntlet of shopkeepers to the awaiting van. There were people walking around the parking lot selling beer, water, and I believe soda to each van. Our guide didn’t seem to have an issue with these vendors and so there were some sales made before we took the short drive down the road to Mystic Mountain.

Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain is a tropical rain forest destination in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The destination offers a mix of activities including hummingbird and butterfly garden, zip lines, a pool with waterslide, and the 3280-foot bobsled track.

Mystic Mountain
Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain features the SkyExplorer, chairlift that transports you above the treetops up 700 feet to the peak. The ride up is approximately 15-minutes as long as the chairlift does not stop. In our case, the lift slowed down and stopped a number of times on our ascent. I highly recommend applying sunscreen before getting in line for the lift as most of the ride is in full sun.

Mystic Mountain Chair Lift Bottom
Mystic Mountain Chair Lift
Mystic Mountain Chair Lift

The views were incredible, although it is odd taking a chairlift up a mountain in the heat without skis.

Mystic Mountain Chair Lift

As we approached the top, we saw or first glimpse at the Ocho Rios cruise port.

Mystic Mountain Chair Lift

For anyone with a fear or even concern about height, the chairlift has a lap bar.

Mystic Mountain Chair Lift
Mystic Mountain Chair Lift
A look at our water shoes we were required to have for the climb at Dunn’s River Falls.

The top of Mystic Mountain and the beginning of the chairlift line to begin your descent back to the parking lot.

Mystic Mountain Chair Lift Top

When we first arrived, our guide directed us over to the lunch pavilion, where local musicians and dancers were entertaining the crowd and welcoming guests to join in.

Mystic Mountain Pavillion Musicians 20190320

This port adventure included a Jamaican-inspired lunch with a selection of jerk chicken, fried fish, rice & peas, coleslaw & water or punch. Hot dogs & fries were available as well. The food was delicious and had a wonderful kick!

Mystic Mountain Jerk Chicken Lunch

In addition to the included lunch there was a restaurant and bar.

Mystic Mountain Rain Forest

During our visit, a server was walking around with a tray of Bob Marley shots.

Mystic Mountain Bob Marley Shot

After lunch, we lined up for our turn for the bobsled. When you are there for a port adventure, you are sharing the destination with all other who may be from other cruise ships and day guests who are staying in Jamaica. I am not saying this as a negative, just pointing out that the wait for the bobsled can vary based on the the day you visit.

While we waited, Isabelle noticed a waterslide and the pool. Since we were still in our swimwear from climbing the falls, Isabelle had fun on the waterslide while we waited in line. Consider brining a towel if you would like to enjoy the pool and waterslide. Based on our visit, there was more than enough time to enjoy these extra amenities.

Mystic Mountain Waterslide
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Pool

Off to the side of the main building you will find a hummingbird garden and sure enough, there were hummingbirds!

Mystic Mountain Hummingbird
Mystic Mountain Hummingbird

There is a lookout at the top of the main building which you can get to by going up the main staircase. When you get to the restaurant, keep to the right and keep going up the stairs.

Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica

Bobsled Jamaica

The gold medal attraction of Mystic Mountain is the Bobsled Jamaica experience. In a covered are of the building you will discover a mini-museum for lack of better words with background information on Jamaica and some of their more famous residents. A large portion of the area was dedicated to the Jamaican Olympic teams showcasing their accolades. The Jamaican Bobsled team had the most representation with uniforms, helmets, and other memorabilia on display.

Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum

Once you are in line for the bobsled you will see a number of Jamaican Bobsled team photos.

Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Museum

This signature ride features a gravity-driven plunge through 3,280 feet of twists and turns on a specially designed sled through the tropical rain forest. Guests must be at least 46″ to ride the Bobsled and there is even a sign at the bottom of Mystic Mountain before you get on the chairlift. In addition, there is a 275 lbs weight limit for the bobsled ride.

Bobsled Jamaica Height Requirement

The bobsled ride is not an automated theme park ride, you are required to actively keep your bobsled under control at all times and maintain a safe distance between the bobsled in front of you.

Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica Rules Warnings
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica

There is space for a small backpack in the bobsled. This gentlemen has his hand on one of the two control arms. When riding these are used to control your speed on the track. You simply push the lever forward to go and let the lever back to slow down and stop. The levers are spring loaded, in the event you remove your hands they will move to the braking position.

Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica

Each person will sit in their own bobsled, but for younger guests, two bobsleds can be coupled together to make it easier and safer for kids to ride.

Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica
Mystic Mountain Bobsled Jamaica

If time permitted, we could have spent all day going on the the bobsleds. It was a blast.

Disney Cruise Line offers a number of Port Adventures in Falmouth with options to visit Dunn’s River Falls and Bobsled Jamaica. However, FA10 is the only one that offers both.

Here is look at the current port adventure offerings that will take you to Dunn’s River Falls:

However, at this time, there are only two that include Bobsled Jamaica:

  • Bobsled Jamaica and Dunn’s River Falls (FA10)
    Experience 2 popular attractions at Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica and the surreal beauty of Dunn’s River Falls with this comprehensive package.
  • Tranopy Adventure (FA12)Experience the 3 exciting activities on this one excursion, the Sky Explorer chairlift, Jamaica Bobsled and a zipline canopy tour through the tropical coastal forest.

When we booked Bobsled Jamaica and Dunn’s River Falls (FA10), it was $139 per person. According to the Port Adventures guide, it is now $144. for adults (ages 10 and up) and $79.00 (ages 5 to 9).

Disney Cruise Line’s Bobsled Jamaica and Dunn’s River Falls port adventure was, in our opinion, worth the price. If you’ve followed along in the past, we are big fans of third party excursions or touring by ourself using public transportation or taxis. You can book the Dunn’s River Fall and Bobsled Jamaica directly with Mystic Mountain, but they do not offer a way to book transportation from Falmouth. You’d need to arrange this on your own. It would be worth considering a direct book if you were on a cruise that docked at Ocho Rios.

Overall, we would absolutely return to Mystic Moutain to spend time enjoying the waterslide and pool and to get our Cool Runnings fix with another trip down the bobsled track. Dunn’s River Falls is more of a one and done experience – not to say we will never return, we had fun, it is just not something we need to do again for a few years….

Leave a comment if you have any questions regarding any part of our Port Adventure or want to share your experience at either Dunn’s River Falls or Bobsled Jamaica.

4 Replies to “Port Adventure Review: Bobsled Jamaica and Dunn’s River Falls (FA10)”

  1. Sharon

    We really enjoyed this excursion. We only had 2 issues at the falls. Hubby forgot the extra waterproof battery in his bag he left on the bus. Of course our battery died at the beginning of the climb. $40 for the video but at least I was able to pull some still pictures from it.

    The marketplace at the falls was the worst!!! They grabbed ahold of my austic son and were really laying it on thick about buying something. Our guide had warned us about this ahead of time, but it still took her coming to our rescue to get us out of there. My son said he didn’t want to be rude to the “vendors”, but DO NOT even engage them in conversation. Just walk through. We felt very unsafe about this area and put in a complaint with DCL about it, but as we did this excursion in 2016 and Scott’s vlog is from this year, it looks like the same issue is happening.

    The food at lunch was good, but a little spicy for my son & I. We were able to get hot dogs, but the staff weren’t too happy as they only had planned on kids having them.

    Thanks for the vlog, Scott, it was great seeing the excursion again!!!

  2. Tammi

    We did this excursion in 2016. We were supposed to do the Tranopy excursion, but it was canceled while we were on the ship so we opted for this one instead. My daughter thought Dunn’s River Falls was THE BEST! So, I’m glad we ended up changing. While walking through the vendors at the end, one of them walked up behind my daughter and put a necklace around her neck. We ended up having to buy it to get him to quit pestering us. I did feel pretty unsafe in that area, but couldn’t let my daughter see that I was feeling that way.
    I loved the Bobsled ride, but my daughter was a little freaked out by it for some reason. She did go on the waterslide many times. We were there in November and the pool was freezing, but she didn’t care. Our excursion was in the reverse order. We did the Bobsleds first and the Falls second.

  3. Frank

    Scott – are the bobsleds attached to the track or is it possible to run off the tracks if going too fast? Seems to really pick up speed in some of those curves! Saw you try to slow down a few times!


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