Disney Wonder 2019 Dry Dock Enhancements Revealed – Highlighted By a French Quarter Lounge

The Disney Wonder 2019 dry dock enhancements have finally been announced. The Disney Wonder will end her 2019 Alaskan season in September and enter a 2-week dry dock where the ship will undergo a number of refurbishments at a Vancouver area dry dock facility.

The world of “The Princess and the Frog” will come to life in new ways on the Disney Wonder this fall with the addition of an exciting New Orleans-themed family themed lounge that will transport guests deeper into the heart of the city’s iconic French Quarter. A perfect complement to Tiana’s Place Restaurant on the Disney Wonder, the French Quarter Lounge will feature live music and themed activities for everyone in the family. Also debuting on the Disney Wonder will be a sleek new space for teens and a redesigned café just for adults.

“The Princess and the Frog” Comes to Life in a New Family Lounge

At the French Quarter Lounge, guests will get a touch of bayou hospitality as they enjoy live music on the gazebo stage and sip specialty drinks at an updated whimsical bar. This natural precursor to dinner at Tiana’s Place Restaurant is the perfect destination for entertainment and libations before or after dinner, while the space will come alive throughout the day with New Orleans-themed family activities, trivia and character encounters.

The jazzy atmosphere of the French Quarter Lounge, also inspired by the Disney animated feature “The Princess and the Frog,” will evoke an airy outdoor space in New Orleans, surrounded by touches of iconic architecture such as wrought-iron balconies, classic brick walls and shutter-framed windows. Decorative details including a life-size trolley car and nods to the film in the form of signs and facades on the walls add to the ambiance of the space.

Additional details were not revealed, but the obvious spot (confirmed) for the French Quarter Lounge would be the Promenade Lounge running between the Atrium/Tritons and Tiana’s Place.

Redesigned Retreats for Teens and Adults

Meanwhile, teens and adults will also discover redesigned spaces on the Disney Wonder meant just for them. Vibe, a club reserved for teens ages 14-17, will transform into a contemporary place to hang out with friends while at sea. The space will be given a timeless feel with an open, bright redesign, a light color palette and industrial metal work, while a new coffee bar and updated virtual reality technology add to the list of activities for teens to enjoy during their family vacation.

Adults will have an updated space all their own in the Cove Café, after a redesign that will transform the look and feel of the café into a local coffee shop, complete with warm, comfortable and trendy décor. Ample seating and a relaxed atmosphere will invite guests to indulge themselves in this peaceful retreat, which is the perfect place to sip specialty coffee or tea throughout the day or partake in wine, cocktails and light bites during the evening. Just steps away, Signals Bar is also undergoing a transformation with a similar look.

The new enhancements debut on September 30, 2019 during the Disney Wonder’s 4-night Pacific Coast repositioning cruise from Vancouver to San Diego.

The enhanced New Orleans’ flair comes just ahead of the February and March 2020 sailings from New Orleans.

Additional upgrades we’ve heard about include on demand for guests and crew staterooms as well as a complete remodel of the Royal Suites.

What do you think about the planned dry dock enhancements planned for the Disney Wonder?

38 Replies to “Disney Wonder 2019 Dry Dock Enhancements Revealed – Highlighted By a French Quarter Lounge”

  1. Jennifer

    I am thrilled it sounds like the Cove Cafe will keep a classic coffee shop look. I am not a fan of the Magic changes in this area.

  2. Me

    As long as they don’t change the Quiet Cove pools, other aesthetics don’t matter as much to me. I just want to be able to get a seat, enjoy the sun, a beverage (or two), and the general Disney-ness of the ships!

  3. Ivan

    “At the French Quarter Lounge, guests will get a touch of bayou hospitality as they enjoy live music on the gazebo stage”

    Since the gazebo stage is on the pool deck (Deck 9), wouldn’t that disqualify the Promenade Lounge (Deck 3) from being a possible location?

    1. Judy

      personally i agree that it will likely be the Promonade lounge that gets the facelift. I imagine they will just change the current “stage” to look more like a gazebo and add the other french quarter decor to the walls etc

  4. PhilUp

    I like how they talk about “ample seating” in Cove Cafe. There was ample seating in there before they gave over the upstairs portion to concierge.

    1. Denise

      You are so right. The fact that very few times are there ANY people in the prime area of the ship encouraged Disney to change more staterooms into concierge and charge premium prices for those rooms to justify taking the space and crowding the majority into the Cove. And dear God! If they are going to have a New Orleans themed restaurant serve authentic Cajun cuisine! The menu they have in Tiana’s Place is horrible. Serve roux based gumbo, real boudin balls, crawfish anything! I complain every time about this on my comment card.Disney is missing a big opportunity to highlight Cajun culture.

  5. Peter

    Interesting changes. When I was on the Magic last month I was told it’s going into dry dock in March and the lounge was going to be redesigned and the toddler play area which is a portioned off part of it would be moved elsewhere on the ship as people had complained it wasn’t anything special just an unused seating area. I am not sure if the Wonder is set up the same but maybe the same changes will be added to each ship. I think it’s needed as we went to lounge frequently but found it was under used and didn’t really fit the ships art deco design as it seemed to be lacking any character.

  6. JFB

    My thought is we will eventually see a Princess and the Frog inspired musical on the Wonder to potentially replace Frozen… or in addition to? Especially as Frozen will now be on the Fantasy. Looking forwar to the changes while cruising Southern Caribbean for the 2nd year in a row in January

  7. John Welch

    Exciting! We board The Wonder on October 20th. Cove Cafe was in need of some love. I’m glad it’s being refurbished.

  8. James Arthur

    I’m scratching my head a little on the themeing… the Wounder sails in Alaska, yet it is receiving themeing for New Orleans. Wouldn’t a cold weather themeing fir better with majority of the sailings?

    1. Chris

      Its also sailing out of New Orleans in 2020 so the timing is perfect. Could be a preview of where the Wonder will be spending much of its time when the new ships come.

      1. John

        It really depends on if Galveston gets either the Dream or the Fantasy. I know one of those ships are promised to Miami… If Galveston doesn’t get one of the larger ships I predict New Orleans will have limited turns due to the fact Disney has promised to increase sailings out of Galveston form 9 to 26 a year.

        1. Scott Sanders Post author

          Miami terms state at least a Dream-class ship year round. This implies it cannot be the Magic or Wonder, and could be the 3rd new build not going to Canaveral. The only reason, I’m starting to lean this way is the discussion of building an exclusive Disney terminal in Miami.

        2. Chris L

          If you look at the contracts, the Magic class ships will be in Galveston and NOLA. the 2 Dream class and the 3 Wish class will be in Florida.. You can tell by the size and wording of the contracts. Miami’s states 2 large ships with Dream capacity 1 year round the other temporary but becoming year round, and 2 definitely going to PC. With the way the new ships are delivered and the contract timing, they all line up for permanent homes in Fl.

    2. Alex

      The Wonder will be the ship that sails out of New Orleans, and it already has Tiana’s, a restaurant themed to New Orleans.

  9. mschreib13Marc Schreiber

    Cove Café please turn the espresso machine back around watching the baristas do their thing is part of the show. French Quarter addition sounds good; On the pool deck it might be taking some of Cove Cafe’s real estate or the back stage area. In the Promenade Longue it could use the child care area next to Connect-at-sea where the community computers used to be.

  10. Scott C Gustafson

    Which space are they renovating to become the French Quarter Lounge? I really hope it is neither of the Crown & Fin Pub (which is already unique to Disney Wonder as the other ships all have O’Gills) or the Cadillac Lounge, because it is already the perfect venue to see Aaron Lotzow play.

  11. Sarah

    If it is the Promenade lounge i hope they don’t remove the gated toddler play area that is there. Toddlers are little balls of energy and it is nice to have a safe place for them to burn it off.

  12. Karissa

    I’m trying to figure where they are going to fit a full size trolley car, that just seems like something that will take up space which cruise ships don’t have.

  13. Debbie

    This is awesome! We will be on the Wonder for 9 days next May on the Hawaii cruise and it will be fun to experience these changes especially with 6 days at sea!

  14. Craig Morrill

    Any word on if they will add on demand TV as well? I think She is the last in the fleet without it (and we will be on for the EBPC and are hoping for it).

  15. Laurie Smyda

    I just got off the Wonder on its last sailing before drydock and it was stated that the on Demand was going to happen 🙂

  16. Christine

    Another place for teens? Come on it’s time to treat the Adults to some more space! And change the loyalty and drink programs while you’re at it.


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