Video: Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave! Family Deck Party – Disney Wonder

Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave! Family Deck Party is in full swing wave aboard the Disney Wonder following the show’s official debut during the February 3rd repositioning cruise from San Juan to Port Canaveral. Little was know about the show when guest started to receive emails from Disney Cruise Line in late January. According the the Personal Navigator, Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave Party! is the all new sail away family deck party on deck 9. This high energy, Disney Bounding, countdown celebration lets guests wave goodbye to work & school, and hello to vacation! I will save everyone the worry, Mickey and the gang are on hand to throw a sail-a-wave celebration you won’t forget.

Mickey Sail A Wave Party 2

Disney Cruise Line encourages guests to bring their own Mickey gloves (or purchase them onboard or prior to the party) so you can wave them in the air as you dance to your heart’s content. There will also be an opportunity to decorate paper glove in the youth club during open house.

My good friend Eric was aboard today’s cruise and shared the following video of Mickey’s Sail A Wave! Family Deck Party.

The new, high-energy Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave Party! features the latest dance mixes and current favorite music, with 2 great hosts and a terrific DJ leading the way. Be awestruck by the last surprise-filled minutes of the show. Then feel the excitement surge when the Cruise Director leads the countdown to the horn blast—and your ship pulls away from the port!

When Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave Party! is in full swing, the excitement is captured by concert video cameras that project images of Guests dancing it out—you might even see yourself on the big screen! A giant inflatable Mickey glove onstage surrounds the DJ, creating a designated location on the pool deck so a runway performance can bring the action and the cast into the middle of the audience.

As confetti and streamers rocket through the air, celebrate this magical introduction to your vacation at Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave Party!

Mickey Sail A Wave Party 1

The Adventures Away! Deck Party aboard the Disney Magic will soon change over to the Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave Party on the February 22nd 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami with Marvel Day at Sea. DCL is also referring to the deck party as Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave Party!… A Bon Voyage Celebration.

Disney Cruise Line published the following images.

DCL Mickeys Sail A Wave 1

During Mickey’s Sail-a-Wave Party aboard the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, guests join Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald on the top decks for a high-energy sail away celebration on embarkation day.

DCL Mickeys Sail A Wave 2

Guests sailing aboard the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder are encouraged to wear their best Disney character-themed outfits on embarkation day for a chance to strut their stuff on the runWAVE during Mickey’s Sail-a-Wave Party, a high-energy sail away celebration.

DCL Mickeys Sail A Wave 3

What do you think of Mickey’s Sail A Wave! Family Deck Party? Let us know in the comments below.

25 Replies to “Video: Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave! Family Deck Party – Disney Wonder”

  1. Karissa

    I had heard rumors about the request for people to Disney bound, so it is interesting to see how it is being used, and how that will continue to play out going forward once more people know about it. Any report on how much they are selling the Mickey hands for onboard? Thanks for the info.

    1. Karissa

      I just looked in the onboard gifts and amenities section of the DCL webpage and the Mickey Mitts are available for $24.99 there, so I am curious if there is a mark up on board.

      1. beth

        I could not find them in the Gifts and Amenities page. 🙁 You’d pretty much have to do them that way or bring them with you – shops won’t be open on board in time to get them for the party.

        1. Scott Sanders Post author

          Select shops are open on embarkation day to provide guests with sunscreen and such. For example Whozits & Whatzits is open on embarkation day aboard the Dream & Fantasy.

          1. beth

            Is that on what I refer to as the 5th circle of Hades (aka the pool deck)? That would explain why I didn’t know about it. Is there similar on the Classics – where this show is?

  2. Angela

    I’m excited for a new deck party! We are sailing on the Wonder next month for the 4th time so we’re looking forward to a new experience! Have our Mickey hands ready 🙂

  3. Jackie

    I was able to experience the first performance on the San Juan to PC cruise and can’t say I am a fan of this as a “Sail Away” experience. While well performed its very generic with reused music from Hong Kong and the global Mickey Celebration theme. I also HATED that the characters are in their “Standard” attire. Nothing about the show says “get ready to sail away on an amazing cruise adventure.” If this was a mickey celebration on a sea day (I suspect it will be very similar to the new experience on the Fantasy for Mickey’s Birthday) it would be really great but really dont care for it as a sail away show. Its nothing unique to DCL and is just theme park nonsense regurgitated on stage.

  4. Sean Sinclair Holdgrafer

    It reminded me of a college football halftime show, complete with band. Nothing here said “cruise” to me. You could substitute a foam finger and cheerleaders with pompoms, and feel right at home. The completely generic dance beat also fit.

  5. Mark H

    Just a generic pep rally with a thin overlay of Disney theming and barely a hint of departing on a cruise. I can’t even give it a “Nice try.”

  6. BartmanLA

    Personally I didn’t like the music at all way to LOUD, is DCL going to provide hearing protection for the little ones??? Also cordoning off the pool deck area to allow the CM’s to dance and perform just makes the guests have to cram in even tighter on the sides and under the Lido Deck overhang. Not very “Disney” participatory like. And then that BASS thumping was even watching it on a computer giving me a headache, I’ll probably avoid the party on our 2019 WBPC trip in 14 days…

  7. Eric Oppegaard

    Overall, we enjoyed the new performance. In speaking with many of the other passengers on board, folks appreciated that it seemed shorter than the previous celebration, and that it involved guests and characters much earlier on.

    The music was not overly loud, and we were comfortable with both our 3year old and 7month old enjoying from deck 10 without ear protection, which we commonly use inside the Florida Disney Parks.

    All of the kids clubs during embarkation had paper Mickey hands that you could color and decorate to bring to the celebration. It was a cute touch that helped engage the kids a bit more.

    While there will always be those that don’t care for the performance, there isn’t anything forcing cruisers to attend either :-). Lots to explore, even during embarkation and departure.

  8. beth

    Looks like they’ll have to do it indoors today. 🙁 Hopefully someone reports back as to how they do it inside. I’d imagine there will have to be major tweaking for space reasons. Not to mention cleaning up the confetti streamers… Which, btw, I’m kind of surprised that they are using those since there is no way to ensure they stay ON the ship and don’t go overboard. I thought that ships were forbidden to have stuff like that that can go overboard, but apparently I was mistaken in that thought.


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