Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave Deck Party: A New Sail Away Deck Party on the Horizon

Disney Cruise Line Adventures Away family deck party will soon takeaway for an all new sail away celebration. Mickey’s Sail-A-Way Deck Party. In an email sent to travel agents with guests booked on effected sailings, Disney’s all new deck party is a high-energy countdown celebration occurring aboard the beautiful Disney Wonder on embarkation day. Guests are invited to wave goodby to work and school, and say hello to the vacation everyone has been dreaming about. Guest will have the opportunity to make a special craft, a Mickey hand during Open House in the Youth activity areas prior to the muster drill.

Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave Deck Party will feature Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald. In addition to the new sail away party, Disney is inviting guests to dress up and Disney Bound as their favorite Disney character fo rate celebration.

Special thanks to Storybook Destinations for sharing this information with us.

DCL Email 20190125 Mickey Mickey's Sail A Wave Deck Party

At this time, we are unaware if this is a fleet wide change, limited to the Classic ships, or exclusive to the Disney Wonder. What I can tell you is that the email sent was specifically for the Disney Wonder’s 4-Night San Juan to Port Canaveral Cruise departing Puerto Rico on February 3, 2019.

What do you think about Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave Deck Party? Did you receive a similar email for your upcoming Disney Cruise?

11 Replies to “Mickey’s Sail-A-Wave Deck Party: A New Sail Away Deck Party on the Horizon”

  1. JF Bordeleau

    …and of course, I am sailing on the cruise right before that one. That said, I know quite a few people are doing back to back (Jan. 27 and Feb.3rd) so it will be interesting for them to experience two different sail away parties. The sail-away on the Classic ships was getting a bit old (soundtrack, overall feel) so glad to hear that this is potentially getting a refresh. The current Dream ships version is somewhat more modern and catchier to start with…

  2. grtompkins

    My son and I were just talking yesterday about our upcoming cruise and he said to me, “We probably don’t need to keep going to the sail away parties.” I can’t wait to tell him about this. We leave in 11 weeks out of San Diego for a special 2 night mother/son cruise. : )

    1. Joy

      Grtompkins, I’m on the April 19th 2 night out of SD. Maybe we’ll see you. 🙂 Either way, I’m excited for any kind of party as long as I’m on a DCL cruise!

  3. Jeff

    This is good news. After years of the same sailing away show, after our last cruise, I suggested that a new and updated sailing away show would be nice, as it had lost its specialness with the same show every time.

  4. Michelle P

    I hope that it retains the excitement of sailing that the Magic/Wonder celebration has, rather than the ‘commercial’ feel that the Dream/Fantasy sail away party has.


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