Meyer Werft Emerges 2018 as an LNG-Powered Cruise Shipbuilding Pioneer

Meyer Werft, the shipbuilder of the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, as well as the upcoming LNG-powered ships emerged from 2018 as a pioneer delivering the first ever LNG-powered cruise ship. The AIDAnova is the biggest cruise ship ever built in Germany and is the first LNG-powered cruise ship to enter service.

Meyer Werft Shipyard Papenburg AIDAnova Float Out

Meyer Werft is under contract to build 3 LNG-powered cruise ships for Disney Cruise Line with deliveries slated for late-2021, 2022 (2nd half), and 2023 (2nd half).

DCL 2021 2022 2023 New Construction Rendering

In addition to Disney’s orders, Meyer Werft has enough builds lined up to keep the shipbuilder busy until the end of 2023. The shipyards are now serving almost all major cruise lines in the world with lots of demanding and innovative large-scale projects. As you can see below, each of Disney Cruise Line’s LNG-powered cruise ships are slated for 2nd half of each year which lines up with the late-2021 date previously revealed by Port Canaveral.

Meyer Werft Build Schedule 2018 2023

Looking deeper into the above build schedule, you will notice Neptun Werft’s Floating Engine Room Unit (FERU) lists the construction of the engine block for the Disney Wish, hull number S.705, beginning in 2020.

As was the case with the AIDANova, the first Disney LNG-powered cruise ship is listed as a prototype, as in the first of a new class for the respective cruise lines, on Meyer Werft’s building overview published in a June 2018 newsletter.

Meyer Werft set new standards in the industry this year, in the field of environmental technology. The AIDAnova was a global pioneering achievement for the shipyard. LNG was introduced to the cruise market as an environmentally friendly fuel of the future for cruise ships. In total, Meyer Werft currently has 12 orders for LNG-powered vessels.

In 2018, Meyer Werft in Papenburg delivered the Norwegian Bliss and AIDAnova. The hearts of these vessels, the floating engine room modules, were built by Neptun Werft in Rostock-Warnemünde. With the current schedule delivering three cruise ships a year from 2019, the shipbuilder will be additional jobs at the shipyard to keep the project on schedule.

Design and Production of Meyer Werft was marked by innovations as well: A new PLM/CAD-System was established and further improvements in eco-friendly surface treatment were realized.

“Our extensive changes and investments are preparing us for the future”, explains Managing Director Tim Meyer. “We’re looking for additional industrial specialists and IT experts. The dedication of our staff and partners are absolutely essential for us to face the challenges of the future”

Meyer Werft released the following 2018 year in review highlight video.

Just think, in a few years, the highlight videos will include new LNG-powered Disney Cruise Line ships. Until then, here is a look back at the Disney Fantasy origin at Meyer Werft.

Meyer Werft Shipyard Papenburg Disney Fantasy Float Out
Meyer Werft Shipyard Papenburg Disney Fantasy

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  1. Edward Cairns

    LNG, is as the article indicates a relatively new fuel type for use on cruise ships. It has significantly different risks than diesel. I understand that environmental issues are driving the transition from diesel to LNG. However, with no significant established track record on fueling, use and maintenance as a fuel on a day to day cruise ship (I’m not referring to LNG tankers) – I’d have some concerns. Generally with new technology of any kind – it’s best not to be the “First” to use it.


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