Rapunzel’s Royal Table: The Thug, Lantern, and Full Dinner Show Experiences

Rapunzel’s Royal Palace, the rotational dining restaurant aboard the Disney Magic located on deck 3 aft, is inspired by the 2010 Disney Animation hit Tangled. In the spring, shortly after opening, we shared our initial review of Rapunzel’s Royal Palace which covered the food, the theming, and the dinner show.

Rapunzel's Royal Table Rapunzel Isabelle

The dinner show we experienced in March was what I call the full dinner show which is featured on shorter sailings when guests do not experience each of the rotational restaurants multiple times. On the longer sailings, there is a dinner show on two different nights during the cruise which, based on the menu names, I’m calling them Thug and Lantern shows. If anyone knows the official show names please let me know in the comments.

The Thug show is focused on Rapunzel’s Birthday celebration with Hook Hand and fellow Thugs running the show.

Finally, the Lantern show as you likely guessed features the floating lantern festival.

For the most part, the Thug and Lantern shows are combined into a combined Birthday Celebration / Lantern Festival show.

Have you experienced the shows at Rapunzel’s Royal Table? Which part is your favorite?

3 Replies to “Rapunzel’s Royal Table: The Thug, Lantern, and Full Dinner Show Experiences”

  1. Alex

    We experienced the Full show. Our complaints with noise were about the same as yours, and we had really good seats (center aisle 2-3 from stage). Despite the complaints, the food was great, and the Tangled fans in my family had a really good time.

  2. Sharon Kelley

    This summer, we experienced it as 2 shows and loved it that way. I felt that it gave us enough time to focus on our food AND the shows vs. being distracted from either. We had fantastic seats! End of the aisle–full on view of the stage–far enough away for it not to be too loud, but great view! And lots of attention from Thugs, Rapunzel, Flynn, and traveling musicians!

  3. Jim Puckett

    We experience them as separate shows on our 7 night cruise in November. We had great seats right down the center aisle, towards the back of the restaurant, but the noise was so loud throughout the dinner that we had a hard time talking amongst our table. With my wive’s mother being slightly hard of hearing already, it made it a very difficult dinner. The interactions were nice though and my kids loved the Thugs and Rapunzel. The Lantern Festival was fun also. They just needed to tone down the music and put some noise dampening equipment in the room.


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