Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Party at Sea Sail Dates Revealed for the Disney Fantasy

Over the weekend we learned about an all new Party at Sea coming to the Disney Fantasy next summer when Bob Chapek announced Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Party at Sea during D23’s Destination D: Celebrating Mickey Mouse event at Walt Disney World.

The announcement was brief and just mentioned select summer 2019 sailings aboard the Disney Fantasy. This week, Disney Cruise Line added additional details about this new experience to their website.

Mickey Minnie Surprise Party At Sea Logo

Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Party at Sea is a limited-time event to celebrate their 90th birthdays, yes birthdays. Minnie turned 90 on the same day as Mickey. Since their big-screen debut in Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928, Mickey has been the global ambassador for The Walt Disney Company. From the beloved Mickey Mouse Club to today’s Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts, Mickey’s optimistic outlook and endearing personality continue to delight fans around the world every day.

The worldwide anniversary party celebrating Mickey, the true original is spanning the globe, from Orlando to Anaheim, Paris to Shanghai, Tokyo to Hong Kong, and the high seas.

Disney cruisers are invited to Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Party at Sea on select Disney Fantasy summer sailings starting June 1 through August 31, 2019. I inquired via DCL’s online chat as to which sailings are NOT included and I was told, “It is only on the 7-night sailings. It would not include the 3, 6, 8 and 11-night sailings“. In total there are 10 confirmed sail dates that will include Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Party at Sea. If I had to guess, I would say the deck party may be held on Thursday of the 7-night sailings as those are the sea days when Star Wars Day at Sea is held. Just an educated guess.

Below is a list of Disney Fantasy sailings between June 1, and August 31, 2019:

The list above includes the 4 sailings that I told would not be included, those are shown with a line through them. Personally, I am not sure why it is not on the 8- and 11-nights, but this could aways change. Hint, if you are booked on these sailings and are bummed to miss out on this party, I’d contact DCL and let them know you’d like to experience the deck party on your 8-night Eastern or 11-night Southern Caribbean voyage.

Mickey Minnie Surprise Party At Sea Mickey

The afternoon deck party kicks off with Mickey, Minnie and pals dressed in their festive best and features new music and an array of special surprises. Mickey ice cream bar and refreshing nonalcoholic specialty drink served in a commemorative cup will be available. It is not 100% clear, but I expect the specialty drink will be an extra charge.

In addition to the deck party, the 90th-Anniversary celebration continues with more limited-time onboard offerings such as stateroom surprises including an invitation and party hats. Animated shorts will play on Funnel Vision and additional themed treats will be available.

Exclusive limited-time merchandise, YES! There will indeed be a selection of Mickey and Minnie’s Surprise Party at Sea commemorative merchandise available for purchase from T-shirts, a Souvenir cup, and even stateroom door magnets.

I’m curious, does the announcement of Minnie & Minnie’s Surprise Party at Sea make you want to book a summer 2019 Disney Fantasy cruise? For those already booked are you excited for this new deck party?

10 Replies to “Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Party at Sea Sail Dates Revealed for the Disney Fantasy”

  1. Denise S

    Scott, Thanks so much for the update. I am contacting DCL right now as our only cruise this year is the Southern & there is no way we could swing a 7 after that. IMO they are doing this to entice more people to come out and book the 7 day that are pretty much the same if you frequently cruise DCL. They don’t have to do this with the 11 night Southern as there is only one and the staterooms on it are pretty much in demand with the unique itinerary. As a stockholder I believe the point of view would be fill up the staterooms on these 7 day itinerary’s for the least amount of money spent on the DCL side of things. I am still contacting DCL though, thanks again Scott!

    1. Denise S

      I just sent an email articulating our interest careful not to take ” ownership of the idea” so I don’t receive scathing letter from the legal department. I just explained we would be so happy to participate if the party was offered on the 11 night itinerary.

  2. scrappinginontario

    While it sounds like fun and is just one more reason to make me want to book a Disney cruise, I’m disappointed that this will (presumably) mean that the pools will close early on yet another day. I will say that is one of the disappointments with our Disney cruises is that the pools are closed so often for deck parties or when in port. Aside from that this sounds like a ton of fun!

  3. Sarah T

    So if someone wanted to contact DCL about the availability of this party on their cruise, what would be the best way to do that? Call? Email? What would the correct email address be?

    1. Denise S

      Hi Sarah! I went to the DCL website and at the bottom of the page there was a Contact Us prompt. I clicked there and it allowed me to send my thoughts. I have already received a reply confirming they received my interest & would be passing it on. Have a Disney Day! Denise

  4. Rich G

    I’m disappointed this isn’t on the 11 night. I was hoping for something new this year on the Fantasy including replacing Aladdin. The Fantasy experience is feeling redundant after little overall changes since the first voyages.

    1. Natasha York

      We are on the 11 night. We were notified the party is added to the official itinerary, on night 10 of the cruise.

      1. Jen

        Hi Natasha, I’m booked for the 11 night too. Did Disney contact you about the party? I’m just wondering if I missed an email! Thanks!


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