Disney Magic Makes Inaugural Call to Saguenay, Quebec

Today, September 24, 2018, the Disney Magic made her inaugural call to Saguenay, Quebec as part of the first 7-Night Canada cruise from New York left Manhattan on the 20th.

Disney Magic Inagural Call Saguenay 20180924

In honor of the maiden call, Captain Mickey, Captain Fabian Dib, and shipboard officials hosted local port and community leaders onboard the Magic for a traditional maritime plaque exchange ceremony.

There is another video that is was not available to embed.

The Disney Magic is scheduled to return to Saguenay next week during the return 7-night Canada Cruise from Quebec on September 29th.

2 Replies to “Disney Magic Makes Inaugural Call to Saguenay, Quebec”

  1. Denny C

    A little bit of that Disney magic making its way to you is always a treat when it’s so far away for most of us. I would have been cheering, too.

  2. Alison

    It was a great greeting, and they were great when we left too! They had a neat line up of performers and a guy on stilts giving us high-5’s on the way in. Plus they had a fireworks display for us in the fjord a couple of hours later. So great!


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