Tiffany & Co. Boutique Opens Aboard the Disney Dream

Tiffany & Co. recently opened a boutique in WhiteCaps aboard the Disney Dream. The boutique is onboard for a limited amount of time unlike the permanent location aboard the Disney Fantasy.

Dream Tiffany Advert Aug 2018

The boutique is set up in WhiteCaps on deck 3 forward outside the Walt Disney Theatre and offers guests a selection of classic and trending collections.

Disney Dream Tiffany Co WhiteCaps

Dream WhiteCaps Tiffany Co 2 Dream WhiteCaps Tiffany Co 1 Dream WhiteCaps Tiffany Co 3

Special thanks to @Camm_and_cheese who is currently on the Disney Dream for the following photo of the new addition. Below is a look at the side entrance from the larger area of WhiteCaps.

Dream Tiffany 2

Once again, the Tiffany & Co location on the Disney Dream is a limited time offering and is listed a such in the Personal Navigators.

Disney Dream Tiffany Co Personal Navigator

There are two display cases located in WhiteCaps featuring various items from Tiffany & Co.

Dream WhiteCaps Tiffany Co 5 Dream WhiteCaps Tiffany Co 4

Dream Tiffany 1 Dream Tiffany 3


Previously, the Tiffany & Co. Boutique was exclusive to the Disney Fantasy along with a unique Disney Cruise Line necklace.

Tiffany Co DCL 2 Heart Necklace 2018

This post will be updated as we learn more about the new retail offering aboard the Disney Dream.

8 Replies to “Tiffany & Co. Boutique Opens Aboard the Disney Dream”

  1. John

    We were on the Dream at the beginning of the month. The necklace that you pictured is sterling silver and costs $350.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Nothing official from Disney. I read somewhere (I do not remember where otherwise I’d link to it) that someone mentioned thought September and then maybe a more permanent location.


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