A Second Look at the Disney Fantasy Dry Dock Enhancements

This post will be a compilation of all the amazing content that was shared by our readers who sailed on the Disney Fantasy’s 3-Night Bahamian cruise following her first dry dock. This post will also serve as a continuation and to some extent an overlap of the first look we cobbled together last week which highlighted the enhancements. In a separate post we have the personal navigators from the first cruise which shed some light on the new offerings.

Family Splash Area (Formerly Hot Tubs)

The hot tub with glass floor was replaced by a family splash zone / wading pool.

Fantasy Wading Pool Family KRice Fantasy Wading Pool KRice Fantasy Wading Pool Fountain KRice Fantasy Wading Pool Windows KRice

Additionally, on the pool deck a permanent bar was added after what we now realize was a test of the temporary carts that had been in use.

Fantasy Pool Drink Station Bar Empty KRice Fantasy Pool Drink Station Bar KRice

Over in the Quiet Cove area, there is evidence of some deck work, but since I am only a half cup into my coffee, I cannot figure out what is different.

Fantasy Quiet Cove Pool KRice

The deck 13 forward Concierge Sundeck received much needed shade and a hot tub as seen in the following photo shared by Sue from SmallWorldVacations.com.

Fantasy Concierge Sun Cover Hot Tub SueP

Senses Spa Juice Bar

Up in Senses Spa, a juice bar was added just like the Disney Dream.Fantasy Senses Juice Bar KRice

Although, the smoothie cups are rather generic – hopefully, this is just a first cruise sorta thing. I know this type of cup does not help Disney market the juice bar and beverages to other passengers as guests are walking around with a generic coffee cup with a straw.Fantasy Senses Juice Bar Seating KRice Fantasy Senses Juice Bar Snacks KRice Fantasy Senses Juice Bar Menu May 2017 KRice

Oceaneer Club
Star Wars Command Post

Marvel Super Hero Academy

Fantasy Oceaneer Marvel Kamar Taj Library KRice Fantasy Oceaneer Marvel KRice

Tiffany & Co

Fantasy Tiffany Entrance Sign KRice

Here is a look at the atrium entrance to Tiffany & Co.

Fantasy Tiffany Atrium Entrance KRice Fantasy Tiffany Entrance Wall KRice Fantasy Tiffany Wall Sign KRice Fantasy Tiffany Entrance Hallway KRice

Katrina Rice, who provided a number of the photos you see here shared the following details about Tiffany & Co as well as a look of the ribbon cutting ceremony.Fantasy Tiffany Ribbon Cutting 2 KRice Fantasy Tiffany Ribbon Cutting 3 KRice Fantasy Tiffany Ribbon Cutting KRice Fantasy Tiffany Ribbon Cutting Scissors KRiceFantasy Tiffany Main Entrance KRice Fantasy Tiffany Ribbon Daisy KRice

Daisy was there and Commodore Tom.

Fantasy Tiffany Ribbon Cutting Commodore Tom KRice

We particularly enjoyed the special scissors they brought for the ribbon cutting.

Fantasy Tiffany Ribbon Cutting Scissors Commodore Tom KRice

Many guests were hoping something exclusive for Disney/Tiffany would be available but they don’t have anything currently.

Fantasy Tiffany Porthole Showroom KRice

There is a sitting area / VIP room within the space.Fantasy Tiffany Sitting Area KRice Fantasy Tiffany VIP KRiceFantasy Tiffany Audrey Hepburn KRice

So it’s basically a small Tiffany (no charms) with a cute blue mailbox that’s for hints – you write down what you’re interested in and they send a note to your room for your partner.

Fantasy Tiffany Desk Mailbox KRice Fantasy Tiffany Mailbox KRice

Fantasy Tiffany Will You Box KRice Fantasy Tiffany Keys KRice Fantasy Tiffany KRice

Vista Gallery

To make room for Tiffany & Co, the Vista Gallery was tossed over the atrium balcony and continued to tumble down the stairs to the walls outside Enchanted Garden on Deck 2.

Fantasy Vista Gallery Enchanted Garden KRice


The duty free sale area has been scaled way back moving to Sea Treasures while a Kate Spade boutique of sorts took over WhiteCaps.

Fantasy White Caps Kate Spade KRice

Fantasy WhiteCaps Kate Spade Display KRice Fantasy WhiteCaps Kate Spade KRice

The duty free area in Sea Treasures.

Fantasy Sea Treasures Duty Free KRice

Sweet On You

Fantasy Sweet On You Entrance KRice Fantasy Sweet On You Seating Mickey Minnie KRice Fantasy Sweet On You Collage KRice

Fantasy Sweet On You 3N Hours KRice Fantasy Sweet On You Cabanas View KRice Fantasy Sweet On You PEanut Butter Tower KRice Fantasy Sweet On You Menu May 2017 KRice

Fantasy Sweet On You Bulk Candy Bag KRice Fantasy Sweet On You Bulk Candy KRice Fantasy Sweet On You Counter KRice Fantasy Sweet On You Seating KRice Fantasy Sweet On You Sign KRice Fantasy Sweet On You Treats KRice Fantasy Sweet On You Walls Coffee KRice Fantasy Sweet On You Pool Entrance KRice

Upper Deck

In these aerial shots taken at Castaway Cay, you can see all the new sun covers added on the upper deck.

Fantasy Castaway Aerial KRice

The areas around Currents bar and the concierge sun deck received much needed shade.Fantasy Castaway Bow Aerial KRice

Currents Bar


Shutters photos are now all digital. Touch screen kiosks replaced the shelves and binder system. Thankfully, this will save a ton of waste.

Fantasy Shutters Desk KRice Fantasy Shutters KRice


Originally, I did not hear of any changes to the atrium other than the anticipated replacement of the carpet, thankfully with the same awesome peacock design.

Fantasy Atrium Panorama KRice

However, I saw a tweet the other day from Susan Egan who is aboard the Fantasy this week mentioning new statue. I was taken aback by this revelation. Why would the statue be replaced. Then my old suspicions came back. Unless I am totally off base, the Minnie statue is NOT a bronze statue like on the classics. If anyone can confirm this that would be great, it has long been bothering me. Additionally, we received a picture of Minnie’s feather broken off during a Halloween cruise which was glued back on.

Fantasy Atrium Statue KRice

I really want to thank cnhark for the amazing videos he produced and shared, and Katrina Rice & Josh Cleland for the great photos.

Fantasy Katrina Josh KRice

13 Replies to “A Second Look at the Disney Fantasy Dry Dock Enhancements”

  1. Keith

    I’m a little sad to see the hot tubs go but overall the changes look great. We’re looking to do a Christmas-time 18 cruise on the Fantasy but haven’t nailed down a date yet.

  2. John Welch

    We’ve sailed on the Fantasy 4 times. I never once considered using the hot tubs that have now been replaced. Seemed like a bacteriological nightmare. 🙂

  3. Edward Panella

    Do we know if any beverages on the beverage stations have changed (i.e.: Receiving Coke Zero like the Magic did after dry dock)?

  4. Megan

    Hopefully the other ships will soon convert to the all-digital Shutters as well – we are big Shutters users, but we always buy the digital package – seeing our literally hundreds of photos printed out just to be shredded/dumped/whatever always made me cringe at the waste!

  5. Mike

    Any information on updates to the mid-ship detection agency on the Fantasy? Did they update the cases?


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