Personal Navigators: 2-Night Baja Cruise from San Diego – May 11, 2018

Personal Navigators, and other handouts from the 2-Night Baja Cruise from San Diego. The Disney Wonder set sail from San Diego on May 11, 2018. There are additional Personal Navigators from other sailings of this same itinerary for comparison. During this cruise, the ship was under the control of Captain Daniele Aschero. The Cruise Director during the sailng was Natalie Bailey.

Map Wonder 2 Night Baja Cruise

Day 1 – May 11, 2018 – San Diego

Day 2 – May 12, 2018 – Ensenada

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Thank you John Welch for sharing.
If you have any navigators you would be willing to share, please send me an email. If you would rather upload the files you can use our upload form.

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