Recipe | Palo’s Amaretto Soufflé with Vanilla Bean Sauce

Recently, Palo added a new Amaretto Soufflé to accompany the Chocolate Soufflé on the dinner dessert menu.

Palo Amaretto Souffle Dessert MenuToday, we have something even more special to share than just the news of the addition – we have a copy of DCL’s Palo Almond Soufflé recipe (pdf)! Now, you can replicate this dessert at home for you and 56 of your friends since the Amaretto Soufflé mix serves 57 people.

Palo Amaretto Souffle Dessert

I’d like to thank Heather Keller for brining this new treat to our attention and Jen Sheldon for providing us with a copy of the recipe to add to the growing collection.

10 Replies to “Recipe | Palo’s Amaretto Soufflé with Vanilla Bean Sauce”

  1. Hannah

    That would be a tough choice….the chocolate is so amazing but I love, love, love Amaretto. Totally would have to try it.

  2. Nicole

    We got both on our last cruise. The flavor was good, but it was way denser than the chocolate souffle. Both my husband and I agreed that the chocolate is still better.

  3. kydizzle

    I like both equally. Ours was not more dense than the chocolate one. Is the recipe for the chocolate one also available on here?

  4. ryan

    1050 egg yolks and 1200 whites seems a bit high, even for 57 servings. Any ideas what the 1050 Ea and 1200 Ea mean?

    Has anyone successfully converted this recipe anywhere between 4 and 12 servings?


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