Canvas and Cocktails – A New Adult-Only Experience Testing on the Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Line is currently testing out Canvas and Cocktails, an adult only experience aboard the Disney Magic. We first spotted the offering on the 5-Night Canada and New England embarkation day Personal Navigator where the experience was listed and described as an opportunity for guests to create their own Beauty and the Beast inspired painting. The experience is part teaching experience where participants are taught to paint in the Disney style. This adult-only experience includes three of DCL’s most popular cocktails.

Canvas And Cocktails Personal Navigator Description

Anthony Weiland, a reader who was kind enough to share photos from his Canvas and Cocktails experience informed us that this was the fourth offering of this activity. Anthony went on to say the activity was led by a member of the cruise staff and it lasted about 2 hours. The instructor led the group in a step by step manner with occasional one on one help so each guest could create the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast. Each person was served 3 cocktails: a sangria like beverage, a martini, and a mixed drink.

Canvas And Cocktails Logo

Anthony was told by the instructor, that Canvas and Cocktails will be something regular for the Magic but that it was unknown at this time if or when it would be offered aboard the other ships in the fleet.

Canvas And Cocktails BatB Enchanted Rose

Currently, the experience is $45 per person. If you are sailing soon and are interested in this activity check your personal navigator and be sure to reserve a spot with guest services. Just remember, you will need to find a way to take the painting home with you after the cruise.

Canvas And Cocktails BatB Enchanted Rose Painting

Personally, I think this is a great offering. My wife has been to a similar experience put on by Wine & Canvas here in Orlando and we set up their kid’s version, Cookies & Canvas, for Isabelle’s birthday party last year.

What do you think about Cocktails and Canvas – would you sign up for an event like this if offered on your sailing?

19 Replies to “Canvas and Cocktails – A New Adult-Only Experience Testing on the Disney Magic”

  1. Michael Sokolowski

    Great idea, we’ve done this sort of activity locally and would love to see it added as an activity on all the ships.

  2. beth

    OMG, I am SOOOOOOOO in if this is offered on the Wonder in February!!!! I love Wine and Paint nights – and they’re super fun on ships!!!

  3. Penny S Ellis

    Absolutely! Would be so much fun! I’ve done this locally and it would be super fun to do it on the ship Disney-style!

  4. Angela Bedore

    When I went to this kind of thing at home in Orlando I hated it! But if we are getting cocktails, COUNT ME IN!!

  5. Liz Glissman

    We do these as a fund raiser for our school. We call them “Paint and Sip”. With local wineries and fantastic local craft brews, these rock! On a DCL cruise, this would be MAGICAL! -Rolla, MO

  6. Rhonda Smith Tilly

    I love this! (Not really a drinker, but I NEED that painting in my life!). I really hope it expands fleetwide!

  7. Louise

    We did this on the Magic’s Transatlantic crossing to New York in September. Ours was a pirate theme and was brilliant!!!! The canvas is an amazing memento of our cruise. Would definitely book and do it again.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I have not noticed it on the navigators or heard of guests participating, but I’ve spotted crew member postings about the event being held as a crew only event.


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