Hubbard Glacier Calving Highlight Video from the Disney Wonder

As promised in our Day 5 trip log from our 9-Night Alaskan cruise aboard the Disney Wonder, we proudly present the following mediocre Hubbard Glacier Calving highlight video. This highlight video was compiled from over an hour of raw video recorded from deck 4 aboard the Disney Wonder on July 28, 2017.

The terminus or face of the Hubbard Glacier, located in Disenchantment Bay, Alaska, is approximately the height of a 30-story building (~300 feet) and is about 6.5 miles wide. I’m not going to lie, I thought the video would be incredible, but without another cruise ship in the shot for some perspective video and photos lose that visual punch. Honestly, the only way to really appreciate the size and beauty of Hubbard Glacier is seeing it with your own eyes.

For more on our time aboard the Disney Wonder, please see our trip log starting in Vancouver, or jump to day 5 for more coverage and photos of Hubbard Glacier.

6 Replies to “Hubbard Glacier Calving Highlight Video from the Disney Wonder”

  1. Bonnie Jackson

    Wow, loved your video! Thanks so much for sharing! I want to go on an Alaskan cruise now! I did one about 12 years ago(not Disney), and loved it! My husband has never been, so it’s on our bucket list.

  2. Greg

    Great video! Catching these on camera is no easy feat. By the time you hear the noise it’s all over so I think you did an excellent job getting such good close up shots. Can’t wait to go back someday…

  3. Jon

    Long-time lurker . . . I really enjoy the site. But especially this past week, as we were on the Wonder the week following your trip. It was great preview and insight. Really enjoyed following along and thanks again!

    Our fifth Disney cruise, but first time to Alaska. It was an amazing trip; such a different experience to the Caribbean and Bahamian ports. I’d go back in a heartbeat.


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