Adventures Away! Family Deck Party Video – Disney Wonder – July 24, 2017

The Adventures Away! Family Deck Party is the official kickoff party to a Disney Cruise or as some may call it the reward for enduring the the mandatory guest assembly drill (muster drill). The videos below were recorded on July 24, 2017 in Vancouver at the start of our 9-night Alaskan Cruise aboard the Disney Wonder.

The full show features cruise staff led by Lindsey, our Cruise Director Carly, and Mickey & the Gang.

Normally, the ship’s horn sounds at the end of the countdown, but on this particular afternoon the horn was delayed.

The following video is a shorter version of the above showcasing the portion featuring the Disney characters.

For more on our time aboard the Disney Wonder, please see our trip log starting in Vancouver for more coverage our our 9-night Alaskan voyage.

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  1. Beth

    Hey Scott, I’m not sure if it was on your Alaskan cruise but there is a new pirate night show. It debuted on the July 21st Dover-Barcelona Magic. I have some really low quality video so hopefully somebody else can get you a good video (or you have it)


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