Adult Beverage Tastings Now Available to Pre-Book on

Disney Cruise Line recently rolled out the ability for guests to pre-book adult beverage tastings via their cruise activities booking area on Up to now, guests were required to reserve beverage tasting spots on embarkation day at a designated location listed in the Personal Navigator. Now, with the ability to book tastings online DCL effectively created another perk for Castaway Club Members with the ability to pre-book activities based on their club level.

In practice, the easiest way to see what tastings are available on your upcoming Disney Cruise would be to navigate to My Cruise Reservations and click on the Book Now link for Activities.

DCL My Cruise Reservations

On the next screen, select View or Add activities from the Search All Days box.

DCL Cruise Activities Overview

On the next screen you will be given a choice of activity types. Select On Board Fun for the beverage tastings.

DCL Select ActivitiesDepending on your itinerary a list of Beverage Tastings will be listed.

DCL Beverage Tastings


The one downside is that you must click on each one to check availability to see the times the beverage tasting will be offered.

DCL Beverage Tastings Check Availability

DCL Beverage Tastings Bourbon TimesOverall, the process is the same as booking any Port Adventure, Palo or Remy reservation, nursery time, spa services, character meet & greets, and another other activities offered on your sailing.

Thanks to @hkeller for the heads up on this one!

I find this to be a welcome change eliminating yet another embarkation day rush to book. What do you think about pre-booking beverage tastings? 

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  1. Carly Johnson

    Now we don’t have to run to the front desk as soon as we get on the ship. Definitely a good change. Now if only they will bring back Gold & Platinum Castaway Receptions for cruises 4 to 7 nights.

    1. Rosaline

      Yup! And last time, they cast member trying to take the tasting reservations was having a terrible time of figuring it out and then the printer wouldn’t work to print the tickets. So we’re just sitting there, waiting to get our cruise started. Now, we can just head straight to the pool! 🙂

  2. Hannah

    We were able to book on line on our first cruise years ago. The following cruises we just thought they no longer had the tastings. Glad to see they have made it easier for everyone……again.

  3. Dana

    Finally! I hated that the only way to prebook before was to join a group. Now tastings can be made early and you can fit it into your schedule better.

  4. beth

    I just hope that they are holding back either entire tastings or some seats in each of them as there are reports on the DISboards of ALL the tastings being booked up before even Gold cruisers can book them. Of course then the only people who benefit from no line are the Platinum cruisers.

    If they’re not holding any back, I’d like to see DCL put a limit on the number you can book in advance just as they have with adult specialty dining – perhaps limit people to 2 tastings booked in advance with the possibility to book more on board.

    While the convenience is nice, at least when you had to book them on board, that started at a time when most people would have an equal opportunity to book them.

    1. Beth

      Still people with later PAT and therefore boarding later (like first cruisers or resort pick-ups) had less of a chance

      1. beth

        But also usually they opened the booking at 1 or 1:30, so there WAS more of a chance for people to be on board because we all know that most people don’t pay attention to their PAT and by then it’s usually open boarding.

        Only issue would be resort pick-ups, but in that case it’s a choice. There ARE ways to use DCL transportation and not be picked up at the resort.

        1. Rosaline

          We always board a little after 11:00 and would immediately book our mixology/tastings. We actually decided not to do any for our upcoming cruise this year, but I’m hoping they are going to hold some back for embarkation day, otherwise people who didn’t know are going to be quite disappointed. Or else, it’s just growing pains and you figure it out for your next time. 🙂

  5. Gina Tompkins

    I love being able to do this ahead of time! On my previous cruises I had to go straight to guest services as soon as I boarded to sign up for these classes. Now I can just go right to lunch or the pool. I love that they are adding more things we can do online ahead of time.

    1. Rosaline

      First timers should be able to do it – just later than the Castaway Club members. It’s part of your online check in process.

  6. Nicole Hilliard

    Thanks for the update.This is a great addition to the online booking of activities. I always wondered why these tastings were not available online? BTW Scott, looks like your on the 9 night Alaska, see you on the Wonder.

  7. R.A.M. Rotteveel

    Thank you for this tip. I’ve booked two tastings for my next trip starting at September 9th (Mediterranean Sea)

  8. Nancy Stanley

    Well, that was disappointing. I couldn’t get anything at all because I didn’t know about this until it was too late. I agree with some of the other commenters here that it seems to unfairly favor those holding higher status (before you judge, I’m Gold). The tastings have been one of the things we’ve looked forward to since discovering them on one of our first cruises. It’s a shame that now first-time cruisers aren’t going to get much of a chance to experience them. I agree also that maybe you should be limited to pre-booking only 1 or 2 to give others a chance.

  9. Allie

    Once we were able to begin booking our cruise activities for our November cruise (we’re not members of anything so we got to book everything last…), all of the tastings were sold out 🙁 So we’re really hoping that they kept some spots to book while onboard or we’ll be out of luck. This is our first Disney cruise and we really wanted to do at least one tasting after doing our research!! Does anybody know if there are spots saved??


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