Disney Cruise Line Blog Nominated for Cruise International Awards 2017 – Best Cruise Blogger

Thanks to our awesome readers, I’ve been nominated for Best Cruise Blogger for the Cruise International Awards 2017. It is an honor to be nominated with past winners and perennial nominees who cover more than just a single cruise line. It would be really amazing to win this award considering the other nominees diverse cruise content compared to our DCL centric focus. I would like to beg ask if you would consider casting a vote for Scott Sanders, The DCL Blog as Best Cruise Blogger.

DCLBlog Cruise International Awards Best Cruise Blogger Nominees 2017

Disney Cruise Line received nominations for the Cruise International Awards 2017 for the following categories:

  • Best Cruise Line
  • Best for First-Time Cruisers
  • Best for Food
  • Best for Onboard Entertainment
  • Best for Wellbeing
  • Best for Onboard Activities
  • Best for Families

Additionally, AmaWaterways, the river cruise line which partnered with Adventures by Disney was nominated for Best River Cruise Line and Best Luxury River Cruise Line.

This is the seventh year for the Cruise International Awards which celebrates the very best of the cruise industry. The awards are presented by Cruise International, officially the UK’s best-selling consumer cruise magazine. The voting period for the Cruise International Awards 2017 runs through August 18, 2017. I would like to note bases on some early feedback on Twitter. The voting form has a field for phone number, but this is NOT a required field.

Thank you for your consideration and your vote for #CruiseAwards2017 Best Cruise Blogger!

36 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Blog Nominated for Cruise International Awards 2017 – Best Cruise Blogger”

  1. Beth

    Congrats! I find your site to be incredibly helpful. So glad to hear you received this well-deserved nomination.

  2. Karri

    voted…how could I not! I love your site! As a TA in training, with hopes of selling DCL in the future, your site is really helpful to me when I am planning my own DCL cruises! why not!

  3. Marisol

    Long time reader of your blog. I don’t post often but I really enjoy reading your blog. I voted for you.

  4. Hannah

    Fantastic. I check in every day. If I can’t be on a cruise, I love reading about everyone else’s experiences. Thanks…

  5. Dana

    Just voted! Our entire family loves your blog and podcast. My apologies if I missed this information in the article – is this a one time vote or can we vote for you more than once?

    1. DJ

      My 3 children each have a Mac laptop. I will see if they can vote as well and report back. We are in the same house, but each computer has its own IP address.

  6. scrappinginontario

    Congratulations Scott! I thoroughly enjoy your site and visit it almost daily even though sadly I don’t see us cruising again for a while.

    Just voted for you! Thank you for all you do to help so many people!

  7. Malou Barnes

    Congratulations on the nomination! I can always count on your blog for all of the latest information about DCL. Thanks for all that you do and I am glad to vote for you.

  8. Shannon Keough

    Congratulations on the nomination!! Just voted for you! Thanks for all the great information! You are my go-to for all of our Disney Cruise info!!

  9. David Oakland

    Scott, no brainer, absolutely got my vote, changed my identity and voted for you a million more times (JK), but seriously, thanks… a ton of good info always on your site, sent this link to our August Disney Fantasy sailing as well.. There are plenty of us there who use your site. Congrats on the nomination and hope you get the win…

  10. John Miech

    Scott – Absolutely!! It’s the least we can do for all of your hard work providing us such useful and interesting information regarding our favorite type of vacation. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!


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