A Look at the Re-Imagined Tween Club Edge Aboard the Disney Wonder

The Disney Wonder returned from her extensive dry dock in 2016 with the tween (11-14) space Edge relocated from deck to the deck 9 in the space previously occupied by the Quarter Masters Arcade. Although both the Disney Wonder and Magic Edge share the same 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea aesthetic (which I find awesome) the Wonder’s space feels a little more open than its sister location on the Disney Magic with the lack of partial partition walls as you will see in the following Edge walk around video.

The entrance to Edge, just outside the midship elevator/stairwell on deck 9 features the same doors as Quarter Master Arcade with new signage to help locate the space while traversing the pool deck.

Wonder Edge Entrance

The space is decorated with nautical decor.Wonder Edge Nautical Decor

A bunch of card table-sized tables make the room dynamic enabling the space to be used for all different types of events.
Wonder Edge HDTV Wonder Edge Day 1 Schedule

The back of Edge feature four virtual portholes with a Finding Nemo/Dory vibe and a table with an extra large version of Connect Four.Wonder Edge Virtual Portholes

The main attraction, at least during open house time were the Xbox and Wii video games featuring many tween friendly titles.Wonder Edge XBox Game Selection Wonder Edge Wii Game Selection

It is worth noting that there is a significant difference in the overall design and size of the Edge spaces on the Magic class versus the space on the Dream class ship. We are a close to having our own Edge cruiser so until then we’d love to hear your experience in Edge and the comparison of the spaces between the ships.

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  1. Ron H.

    during our last two DCL cruises, our son spent a lot of time in Edge. He really enjoyed making friends and the counselors were great. The activities were more “grown up” than the Lab/Club with more freedom. He really liked the late night dodge ball tournaments.

  2. Rachelle

    We were on our first cruise on the Wonder in January. When I asked my son what his favorite thing about the cruise was – no hesitation he said: The Edge. Him and his best friend absolutely loved their time at Edge with all the games and the activities. They found the counsellors outstanding. The activities were not just in the Edge space, but throughout the ship, such as the Sports deck. Our son and his friend were 11 years old, so were able to toggle between Oceaneers and the Edge at the beginning of the cruise, but the Edge won out with them visiting at least once a day.

  3. David Oakland

    My 14 y/o and 13 y/o absolutely love edge on the Dream, haven’t been on wonder since they’ve been “edge” age, but they are eager to leave dinner and get back to edge and then meet for evening shows and then they’re gone again. Edge seems to be their “thing.” My 14 y/o did take a look at vibe, but for that sailing they were mostly 17-18 he said so he went back to Edge and hung out with his sister and made some new friends. Thanks Scott for all your postings…

  4. Wendy

    My daughter has experienced the old Edge on the Wonder and the Edge on the Dream. Even though she likes the Wonder better overall…she preferred the setup of the Edge on the Dream and wished she was able to cruise on the Wonder after the Edge had been redone.

  5. Angela Oschefski

    Looks fantastic! We are still about a year out from our eldest being able to enjoy the Edge (going on the Wonder for the second time this August!) but she loves to talk about ‘when she’s 11 and can go to Edge’ lol so at least she’s got an idea of what the new imagined space is about.

  6. C Scott

    I’ve heard that 10-year-olds can go to Edge if their parents give written permission upon boarding. Anyone know if that’s actually true? My 10-year-olds like the Lab and Club, but I think after a few Disney cruises they kind of feel like they’ve seen it all, and they’re interested in moving up to Edge if it’s permitted.


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