A Look at the Re-Imagined Oceaneer Club & Lab Aboard the Disney Wonder

The Disney Wonder returned from her extensive dry dock in 2016 with revitalized youth spaces for children ages 3-12 to explore. The Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club were completely renovated to bring the youth activities venues more in line with the fleet. Along with the renovation, the Lab and Club now feature the open walkway allowing children to move securely between the two when both the Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club (hereafter referred to as the “CLAB” when referencing both sides) are in secured programing.

Oceaneer Lab

The Oceaneer Lab renovations were based on a nautical theme full of high-tech gear to bring out the explorer in each child. The space is practically identical to the sister lab on the Disney Magic; the only major difference is some technical upgrades which allow for more floor space especially in the wheelhouse area. Looking back a few years to the promo hype for the Magic’s re-imagination, Imagineer Joe Lanzisero described the Oceaneer Lab as a “mashup of Jules Vern and Pirates of the Caribbean”. If you recall, in March, we ventured over to Typhoon Lagoon to experience the new Miss Adventure Falls family raft ride which featured a misadventure of Mary Oceaneer. Shortly after publishing that article, Imagineer Danny Hanke let us know the characters were adapted from the Oceaneer Lab on the Magic & Wonder.

The check-in area opens into a wide open space for group actives such as GAGA Ball and Pluto’s Pajama Party. The space features a large HDTV (not pictured – see video) on the back wall.

Wonder Oceaneer Lab

The starboard side features tables and stools for group led youth actives such as Anyone Can Cook and a kid favorite Stitch’s Space Goo.

Wonder Oceaneer Lab

We also noticed some board games available in the back of the space.Wonder Oceaneer Lab Wonder Oceaneer Lab Wonder Oceaneer Lab Group Activity Area

My favorite area in the Oceaneer Lab is the Wheelhouse, not because of the Wii or Xbox, but for the sailing simulators where you can take the helm of a Disney Cruise ship and maneuver the ship in various scenarios such as docking at Castaway Cay or sailing from Port Canaveral. Personally, I think during open hours these stations should be reserved for adults only. (I’m kidding, please do not leave an angry comment.) Wonder Oceaneer Lab Wheel House

Computers and programs are so 2013; iPads loaded with Disney apps have been installed around the Oceaneer Lab for the kids’ enjoyment.
Wonder Oceaneer Lab IPad Games

There is also a craft room and animation room with a light table for tracing and coloring your favorite Disney characters.

The Society of Explorers & Adventures logo is featured in various locations around the Oceaneer Lab. It could almost be its own version of a hidden Mickey challenge.

Wonder Oceaneer Lab DCL SEA Crest Wonder Oceaneer Lab SEA Map Table

Oceaneer Club

The Oceaneer Club transformed into a magical library where oversized books serve as doorways into four unique spaces. There is a room for those who like Frozen inspired fun, super heroes, larger than life toys, and a club fit for a mouse!

The Oceaneer Club features the same compartmental concept found across the fleet and the same layout as the Disney Magic, just with different theming.

Wonder Oceaneer Club

The central space is perfect for larger group activities.
Wonder Oceaneer Club

Frozen Adventures: Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post

For the first time in forever, Frozen has a dedicated play area called Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post. There are some wonderful decorations around the room.
Wonder Oceaneer Club Wandering Oaken's Trading Post

Over in the corner of the room, you will find Oaken’s sauna and if you loiter in this space long enough, you will be treated with a visit by Oaken (see video).
Wonder Oceaneer Club Wandering Oaken's Trading Post

Andy’s Room

Andy’s Room features the Slinky Dog slide starting atop Andy’s bed.Wonder Oceaneer Club Andy's Room SlideUnder the bed is a little play area with soft blocks and an HDTV.
Wonder Oceaneer Club Andy's Room Corner Wonder Oceaneer Club Andy's Room HDTV

Club Disney Junior

Club Disney Junior is a cousin to the Mickey Mouse Club on the Magic with a much more welcoming asthetic.Wonder Oceaneer Club Club Disney Junior Wonder Oceaneer Club Club Disney Junior Number Board Wonder Oceaneer Club Club Disney Junior HDTV Wonder Oceaneer Club Club Disney Junior Sofia Meet Greet

Marvel’s Super Hero Academy

Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Level 7

Training ground for future super heroes, the Marvel Super Hero Academy is the latest S.H.I.E.L.D. training center at sea.

Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy

Immediately to the right, is a nook of sorts with a table and lockers.Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Table

The table features the academy crest and the lockers assigned to specific Avengers.

Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Lockers

Marvel fans of all ages will have fun exploring this space and all its little details. I was told this was a relic, originally planned for the floor at the entrance to DCL’s Terminal at Port Canaveral.

Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy

I later discovered this was a message along the lines of the statement Thor had on his door in Darryl’s house. Loosely translated – it reads, “KEEP OUT, Scott. Sincerely, DCL PR.”

Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Keep Out Scott

The main academy space includes some display cases with some iconic items from various Avengers.
Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Avengers Gear

The main space provides a great view to the large HDTV used for various interactive activities thought the voyage.
Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy HDTV

Here is a look at academy crest in full color as it is moving around the HDTV in, for lack of better terminology, a screensaver mode.Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Video Graphic

Opposite the display case, there is an academy training zone with a second HDTV mounted above five iPads loaded with Marvel apps.

Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy IPads

The neatest part of the space was this bulletin board.
Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Bulletin Board Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Bulletin Board Curriculum

A newspaper clipping from the Daily Bugle announces the opening of the academy. The opening date lines up with the re-imagination of the Wonder, but the picture is from the Disney Magic’s Avengers Academy shot by Disney photographer Matt Stroshane. Maybe someone on the ship can quickly print out a new one with a proper photo and give the credit to Peter Parker; they should have extra paper and toner since they are not using that to print full navigators every day.
Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Daily BugleWonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Asgard Exhibit Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Academy Student ID Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Iron Wing

The bulletin board provides a look at the Super Hero Academy curriculum which features the Avengers as instructors.
Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Core Curriculum

Next is a framed display with a medal representing each Avenger taking part in the academy’s curriculum.Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Medals Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Medals Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Medals Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Medals Wonder Marvel Super Hero Academy Medals

The Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab flank the atrium lobby on deck 5. The entrance to the Oceaneer Lab remains in the midship elevator lobby. The Oceaneer Club entrance has been relocated from the corner of the atrium lobby to the starboard hallway just down from the Buena Vista Theatre. Additionally, the hallway between the Club & Lab is now open for children move back and forth between the two spaces. The walkway connects from Club Disney Junior to the open side of the Lab.

CLAB Walkway

There are times during the voyage other than embarkation day, that the one of the spaces may have an open house. When this occurs, children are moved securely to the other space to maintain the secured programing while the other space is open for all passengers with or without children to experience the space. Check your personal navigator for these times. If I may offer one suggestion, it may be a good idea to coordinate CLAB time with your child in the event their favorite side will be off limits to them if they are checked in and one side has open house time, especially if you are planning an event such as mixology or a spa treatment.

If your child enjoys the space on the Magic, they will feel right at home on the Wonder as the design plans from the Magic were dusted off and updated for the remodel of the Disney Wonder.

Have you had a chance to experience the new youth activities spaces on the Wonder? We’d love to hear your thought on the reinvigorated space.

3 Replies to “A Look at the Re-Imagined Oceaneer Club & Lab Aboard the Disney Wonder”

  1. Emily Schroeder

    We were on the Wonder last June before the reimagination and then this past Dec after it. My kids are 6 and 9. Honestly, I feel like they do these reimaginations more for the adults than the kids, even in the kids club/lab. My daughter was actually really disappointed that the pirate play area was gone in the club; she’s not that into Toy Story so that was kinda ‘meh’ to her. She liked the Frozen area, but it’s not interactive on its own and really seemed ‘fun’ only when there was a Frozen-related program going on. In my opinion, if they are going to keep the age range from 3-12 in the club/lab, they need to have more stuff to accommodate the older kids (say 8-12). If my son entered the club and there were no video games available, he was almost always bored and even most of the scheduled activities are geared towards younger kids, it seems. The best thing about adding the Marvel area is that we got to do meet and greets with several Marvel characters on our Dec cruise. The whole space is sooo similar to what is on the Magic, I really feel like Disney could have used their imagination a little better to make the Wonder’s kid space more unique and special to the Wonder itself.

  2. Mary

    Unfortunately, it looks like there isn’t a lot other than Andy’s Room that would appeal to the 3-5/6 year olds.

    1. Emily Schroeder

      That whole Disney Junior room is meant to appeal to that age range. And the crafts they typically do in that room are for the younger set too. Much of the scheduled programming is for the younger kids, as well.


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